SoftPoint Industries Introduces Asper Grit Non Skid Additive for Paints and Coatings

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Asper Grit is a new, polmeric, non-skid additive that is harder than other polymers used for this application. Asper Grit is also lighter than sand which reduces settling when mixed into paints Asper Grit is free of crystalline silica and is economically priced.

SoftPoint Industries today announced the availability of Asper Grit polymeric particles for non-skid applications. Asper Grit represents the latest in polymer technology and offers several advantages over conventional non-skid additives such as micronized waxes, silica sands, and aluminum oxides. Asper Grit is derived from a thermoset polymer and is harder than the waxes. It is lighter than both silica sand and aluminum oxide which reduces its tendency to settle. Unlike virtually all other additives, Asper Grit is clear and can be used with any color paint.

“We screened dozens of additives before selecting Asper Grit as the best in class for this application” said Dr. Richard Porter, the company’s founder. “We also utilize a special grinding technique to create angular particles that provide an aggressive non-skid surface. An independent test lab measured a significant increase in the COF (coefficient of friction) of paint samples prepared with Asper Grit. The dry COF was measured at 0.85, which is well above the recommended ADA level of 0.5.”

Asper Grit is designed for use in most floor coating applications. These include marine areas such as boat decks, outdoor patios and balconies, as well as household areas like garage floors, pool decks, and basements. Since the particles are compatible with most urethane, epoxy and acrylic coatings, they can be used on most any surface appropriate for these resins, including concrete, wood, fiberglass, steel, etc. The particles can be mixed into the coating prior to application or applied using the broadcast technique.

Asper Grit is conveniently packaged in a tube with a shaker top for easy dispensing. The shaker top features both a wide opening for pouring and a sifter opening that is ideal for sprinkling the product onto a painted surface. Asper Grit is economically priced at $12.99 per pint and is available today for sale exclusively on the company’s website

About the Company

SoftPoint Industries Inc. is a privately held company incorporated in Delaware. The company is the exclusive provider of SoftSand® rubber particles for paints and coatings. The company was founded in 1997 by Dr. Richard Porter, a 30 year veteran of the rubber industry, and several angel investors. SoftPoint Industries Inc. is committed to manufacturing aesthetically pleasing rubber products that improve human comfort and safety.

Company headquarters are located at 11 Hill Street, Paxton, MA 01612 USA; telephone 508-754-5810. For more information on SoftPoint Industries Inc., access our web site at

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