"The Journey From High School To The NFL" tm-- A "New" Sister Sports Talk Show Team, "The Sports Mavericks," Join Forces with VoiceAmerica.com (Broadcast Network) to Bring Straight Talk to Sports for Parents of Athletes Every Tuesday at 8:00pm EST

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Lawyer,Financial Advisor, Sports Advocate and Author, Ida Muorie and Eleanor Starks, educator and the mother of Max Starks, second year Tackle with the Pittsburgh debuts a four part series: "The Journey From High School to the NFL." (May 10th through May 31st).

The Journey From High School To The NFL.

Internationally acclaimed sister sports team, The Sport Mavericks, Ida Muorie and Eleanor Starks, will host a four part series beginning May 10th - May 31st entitled "The Journey From High School To The NFL."

According to Ida Muorie, "The making of an 'elite athlete' is complex, and may be determined by a range of environmental, social, economic and behavior factors. Many believe that genetic disposition to athleticism may play a significant part in shaping the destiny of an athlete. Others think that genetics alone is not enough to determine what type of athlete a child will become. But, you can quantify it, and you can qualify it, but make no mistake about it, it takes a back-up system of conditioning coaches, trainers, nutritionist, advisers,a legal team and sheer determination to make it to the NFL. Pre-draft activity is a big business. It is estimated that Agent may invest somewheres between $10,000 - $25,000 on each prospect to get a competitive edge."

Introducing: "The Journey From High School To The NFL." (Special Guests) Ross Browner, Former Cincinnati Bengals and Notre Dame College Hall of Famer; Charlie Wright, General Manager of Athletes Performance (Los Angeles) Home Depot Center in Carson,California; Henry "Killer" Lawrence, former Oakland Raider and three time Superbowl Veteran; Eugene Parker,President and CEO of Maximum Sports Management, 2004 ESPN Draft Derby Winner and Anthony Griggs, former Director of Player Development of the Pittsburgh Steelers and Philadelphia Eagles NFL Player.

May 10th: "The Making of an 'Elite Athlete'." Tune in and hear Ross Browner, former Notre Dame Footbal Player, College Hall of Famer, and Cincinnati Bengal will talk about his early years as an athlete, and how his decision to play football change the course of Football History. After Ross, there were five younger brothers that followed in Ross footsteps:Jimmy, Williard, Joey , Keith and Gerald, and they became The "First Family of Football."

May 17th: "Developing a "Competitive Edge" in the NFL Draft. Charlie Wright, GM for Athletes Performance in California helps athletes take center stage from college to the pros. Charlie and his capable staff of athletic coaches, trainers, conditioning experts, life coaches and nutritionist demystify "the draft process, " and provides a "competitive edge" to "high profile" athletes before the NFL draft is held.

May 24th: "Are all NFL agents created equal?"

Eugene Parker,President and CEO of Maximum Sports Management, and 2004 ESPN Draft Derby Winner will talked about the skills an agent needs to have to represent a professional athlete properly. Eugene will also discuss his backgound, and why his style of negotiation made him No.1 last year.

May 31st: "Life Inside The NFL and After the NFL." Anthony Griggs, former Director of Player Developmentof the Pittsburgh Steelers, and former NFL Player with the Eagles and the Browns will give us a rare glimpse into the locker rooms of an NFL Player. Griggs will also talks about what it is like to be "In The Life," and he will remind us that NFL stands for "Not For Long."

You can hear this Four Part Series, hosted by the Sport Maverick team Ida Muorie and Eleanor Starks every Tuesday at 5:00pm PST (8:00pm EST) will rebroadcast 12 hours later. To access the show, listeners need to log on to (http://www.voiceamerica.com). Listeners with questions, comments or opinions are encouraged to call in "Live" toll-free at 1-888-335-5204.


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