Makeover Magic Helps Mothers Find Balance in Their Work and Life

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Parenting issues cause stress and make moms feel undervalued and unappreciated.

According to the Motherhood Project study from the Institute for American Values, most women like being mothers. But one in five feel stressed by parenting issues and feel under-appreciated and less valued once they become a mom. Moms need to find balance in their work and life says the study - and the Makeover Magic for Moms program can help them do just that.

Some experts say it’s the idea of having it all that puts the pressure on. Not so, says Eve Michaels, originator of the Makeover Magic for Moms program. “We can have it all and we deserve to have it all. But to enjoy it all we have to learn to balance body, mind and spirit.”

“It’s no wonder American women feel anxious,” Michaels. “They see shows like Desperate Housewives and TV ads about perfect moms. Then they look in the mirror and see the reality of their own lives – they don’t know who they are anymore. They’ve lost their sense of self and their WOW!”

“We grow up with ‘old wives tales’ like If you have this, you can’t have that - Don’t aim too high - Pride goes before a fall – Act your age,” says Michaels. “So we think it’s not OK to have it all.”

“I was juggling a booming restaurant business, real estate investments, being a wife, and a mother of two children age 10 and 12,” says Dora Khamis of Orange County, Calif. “I desperately wanted to get my sense of WOW! back, but didn’t even know how to begin. Eve's makeover magic showed me how to find my inner balance. Now I turn heads when I walk into a room, my self-confidence is soaring. My family really appreciates me and we have great times together.”

Ginny Haylett of Los Angeles was in the throes of menopause, in a new marriage, unemployed and suffering from “empty nest” syndrome. “Eve helped me reverse my negative thinking about aging and gave me the mindset to actually grow better and younger,” says Haylett. “I look good and I finally feel good. My husband and daughter are so happy to have the real Ginny back.”

Parenting issues that cause pressures aren' going to go away, but with a little makeover magic moms can find balance in their work and life and get their sense of WOW! back.


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