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ItÂ?s that time of year again and finding the perfect vacation site is never easy. All you want to do at this point is just relax and have fun. Well, Yucatan is the place to do just that! The fact that Yucatan is rich in entertainment, beaches, food, night life, and culture makes it the ideal destination. Visit us at to access our Yucatan Web Directory.

It’s that time of year again and finding the perfect vacation site is never easy. All you want to do at this point is just relax and have fun. Well, Yucatan is the place to do just that! The fact that Yucatan is rich in entertainment, beaches, food, night life, and culture makes it the ideal destination. It has just about everything for all ages. Fortunately, – Yucatan’s Regional Web Directory makes it easy on you! is designed specifically for tourists and local people from Yucatan in mind. Just take a look at the information we provide you through our web directory about Yucatan.

Yucatan Cuisine –
Yucatan cuisine has a strong European flare on its cuisine. This came to be from its strong commercial and cultural contacts with Europe (specifically France), New Orleans and Cuba. However, the fact that it has such a strong European influence on its cuisine by far does not mean that it is the same as European Cuisine. In fact, it’s more of a marriage between Mexican and European Cuisines, which is what makes it completely distinctive and authentically Yucatan. Some of these delicacies are: Lime Soup, Pollo Pibil or Cochinita Pibil, Motul Style Eggs, Poc Chuc, Frijol con Puerco, Panuchos, Salbute, Papadzulez, among other delicacies. Upon your visit to Yucatan we invite you to engulf your taste buds with the exquisite Yucatan Cuisine. To find a list of various restaurants offering the delightful Yucatan Cuisine, check out our Yucatan Cuisine section in our web directory.

For the Adventurer, Archeologist and Historian–
Feel like taking an adventure? Yucatan is the place to do it. Yucatan is home to many historical landmarks including Mayan pyramids, colonials, missions, ancient cathedrals, underground caves, among many others. In Yucatan, you will learn about the Mayan civilization and their pyramids, their lifestyle, and extremely advanced sciences. So, come visit Yucatan and immerse yourself in Yucatan culture, while learning about an ancient one. Another interesting fact is the special honor that Merida, capital city of Yucatan received from Spain. King Philip III granted the city of Merida a Coat of Arms with the title of “most noble and very loyal city of Merida”. To this very day, it is possible to find many historical landmarks where the city of Merida’s Coat of Arms was sculpted or designed into these buildings. To find out more information about tour guides to these historical landmarks and archeological zones come and visit the adventure category in our web directory.

For the Art Connoisseur and Culturally Inclined–
Searching for art and culture? In Yucatan, you can find paintings, sculptures, photography, classical or regional music, folkloric dancing, traditional clothing, etc. Yucatan has a strong cultural background and to this very day continues to do so. In Merida, capital city of Yucatan, you will find that every day of the week has a day dedicated to a specific cultural event as a permanent schedule. In addition, you will find special events that are scheduled for specific dates. Visit the culture category and find information on various cultural activities in Yucatan.

For the Clubber –
Searching for the place where all the action is at? Well, Yucatan has the hottest clubs and night activity that you can imagine. Visit all the hottest clubs and enjoy yourself because you deserve it! Dance the night away to the hottest music and DJ remixing you have ever experienced. Party all night to live music. Participate in dance contests. Meet new people. Come and enjoy the environment and hottest shows. Visit the night life category to find the hottest night life activities.

Fot the Golf Enthusiast –
Looking for that ideal golf course that has everything? Look no further; here in Yucatan there are golf courses that have tennis, swimming pool, gyms, steam baths, club house, and even a bar. Just call in and reserve a tee time. Then, enjoy not only your game, but also the spectacular view. So, why look for just a golf course when you can have it all. Come and enjoy the friendly service and distinctive quality that are unique to Yucatan golf clubs. Visit our golf category and find listings of various golf clubs.

To Just Relax –
Feel like taking a retreat and looking forward to some peace and quite? Well, pamper yourself to a relaxing massage, face mask, hot saunas, body exfoliation, and other miscellaneous treatments; all designed to relax, beautify, energize, balance, rejuvenate, and reshape. After all you deserve to take a break from life’s stresses. Visit the relax category to find a list of Yucatan’s retreats and treatment centers.

Tour Sites –
To check out some of the tourist attractions and information specifically designed for tourists; visit our web page directly. We will include a list of places and web sites that are of interest to visitors to Yucatan. You will also find a list of local events, travel tips, unique merchandise, handcrafts, artisans, regional clothing, etc.

Yucatan Facts –
Yucatan is geographically located in Southeastern Mexico and is a part of the Yucatan Peninsula. It is due south of New Orleans, Louisiana (US) and Southwest of Miami, Florida (US). Merida, the capital city of Yucatan, was a large Mayan city originally known as T’ho. Merida was founded on January 6, 1542 by the Spaniard Francisco de Montejo. It was then conquered by the Spaniards. All pyramids where dismantled and used in the construction of the Cathedral of San Idelfonso (1561-1599). Some of the mural illustrations depict a somewhat violent and bloody history of Yucatan. However, in present times Yucatan is well known for its peacefulness and safety. You can find movies, theater, hospitals, public and private schools, four universities, among other great places. You can also find brand name stores like Sears, Home Depot, Office Depot, Office Max, Sam’s, Costco, Walmart, Radioshack, Carrefour, Liverpool, Comercial Mexicana, Sanborn’s, etc.

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