1 Million New Scratch Golfers to Be Created in the Next 10 Years

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Concept Golf is a revolutionary Golf Instruction technique focussing on results, not mechanics. The simplicity of this system plus the fact that it develops a unique swing and golf game for each individual player, are what make it possible for this technique to help create an over 50% increase in the number of US scratch golfer over the next 10 years. This has potential to change golf instruction on a global level.

According to the National Golf Foundation there are 26.2 million golfers in the United Sates right now. Of those golfers, only 6 percent of the men and 1 percent of the women say they break 80 regularly. An even smaller percentage of those golfers ever achieve Scratch Golfer status which as defined in layman’s terms is a player that consistently shoots even par. Par for most US courses is 72 strokes.

Concept Golf, a company based near Wake Forest, NC, plans to create an unheard of 0ver 50% increase in the number of Scratch Golfers in the United States alone by the year 2015.

Though the title of Scratch Golfer is one that can seem all but unattainable, that never stops many golfers from doing everything in their power to effect and alter hundreds of little mechanical “swing thoughts” in an effort to fix their swing and play better golf. It is these hundreds of prescribed things a golfer is supposed to do that make becoming a scratch golfer, let alone improving at all, a frustrating and complicated process.

Concept Golf is a revolutionary teaching system that simplifies the game of golf and will help golfers worldwide discover how easy, fun and exciting the game can be. According to Concept Golf discoverer and veteran PGA Tour Player, John Toepel, “Golf is a game and should be enjoyed. Learning and playing golf should be fun, not frustrating!”

The key is focusing on the results, not the mechanics. CG creates scratch golfers because it teaches with five simple principles, not thousands of mechanics. Learning through principles is like being given the foundation of complete understanding of the swing so you swing your way and hit good golf shots almost immediately.

The Concept Golf teaching philosophy is based on the idea that people learn physical activities most effectively when they first develop a clear understanding of exactly what they want to accomplish. The focus is on the desired result rather than on the mechanics of the process. Concept Golf will help you unleash “The Game Within You”.

In contrast, learning with mechanics is like being told how to walk. “Take 25 3/4 “ strides while lifting your foot 2 7/8” above the ground; push off your back foot’s big toe and ball with 2.68 ergs of energy; swing your arm forward 12 7/8 “ and to the back 12 ½”; breathe in and out every 7 seconds and blink your eyes every 12 seconds. Now go walk freely!”

Concept Golf helps realize the potential for a scratch golfer inside most anyone. For additional information about Concept Golf visit http://www.conceptgolf.com/TSCG.html

About John Toepel:

Concept Golf President and discoverer John Toepel, Jr. spent five years as a player on the PGA Tour and 29 years as a professional golf instructor, helping thousands of golfers play better golf than they ever thought possible. Concept Golf came into existence 5 years ago when john was hit with a lightening bolt of realization that the majority of golf instruction actually makes playing golf more difficult. John now dedicates his time to private instruction and bringing Concept Golf to the world.

John Toepel,

P.O. Box 152

Rolesville, NC 27571

Phone: (919)570-9772

URL: http://www.conceptgolf.com/TSCG.html


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