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Maximizing Profits and ROI is a very serious business, for all, serious, Online businesses. From the very largest public corporations to the smallest “Mom & Pop” businesses – this is an absolute business imperative. “Smoke & Mirrors” do not prevail in this domain. Online Marketing is an arena, where scientific and “surgical”, practical marketing principles - based on sound empirical testing and metrics - can be applied, with great success and repeatability, towards maximizing profits and increasing ROI. “Consistently applied scientific strategies, obtain consistently successful results”. This free report is demonstrable proof of this business maxim in action. Over 120 Real Life Case Studies.

As we all know every online business must maintain and optimise profitability to survive in the increasingly competitive world of internet based eCommerce. In fact, if you’ll excuse the pun, in the “Kingdom of Business”, “Return On Investment” – ROI is King.

One sure-fire way, of meeting this objective, in an online environment, is to maximize the number of targeted visitors to the business’ website. This is unfortunately, “easier said than done”. There are many who claim to show you how to do this so very easily and to even get you “boatloads of traffic”. This is undoubtedly an arena where “Smoke & Mirrors” seems to reign supreme. Online Marketing, seems to have had more than its fair share of Hype Merchants, Hucksters and Scamsters who promise you the earth for just a few more dollars of your money. “Buy one million hits of laser targeted traffic” is seemingly one such device.

But fortunately, this does not have to be so. There are a very few who can actually deliver on their promises.

One of the very few, is Mr. John Reese. Mr Reese has an almost incredible track record on the internet. If you haven’t as yet heard of him, it’s really no great surprise. He’s kept himself “well below the radar”. Just “working away” in the background, silently and stealthily profiting from his very many sites.

Despite that initial reticence, these days, John’s become quite well known, as “an Internet Marketing Guru’s guru”. Indeed Jim Edwards, whom many of you may have heard of, has respectfully acknowledged John as, and dubbed him “The Traffic Master.”

John’s successes have been based upon a myriad of failures. John very candidly reveals that he has had more failure than successes – certainly in the very early days of his internet career. This spans from around 1990, even before the web really started in earnest.

Nowadays however, John is more consistently successful. He says, that this is so, because he has learnt from his early failures, and now he “only just uses what really works.”

Well respected by his peers - John is quite renowned for his highly meticulous research and testing methodologies. Using his “Testing & Tracking” skills, he has created and launched in excess of 110 online projects.

John Reese has now systematized and categorized his methods into the “Traffic Secrets” course. Using these methods, John reveals how he was responsible for generating over 1.57 billion web site visitors to his sites, since he started marketing online.

At the first launch of the “Traffic Secrets” course, in the third quarter of 2004, the course sold over $1,080,496 worth in the first 24 hours. It became one of the fastest selling marketing courses in history. There are now "Traffic Secrets" course owners in more than 52 countries around the world!

Not unexpectedly the credibility of John’s course was questioned by some “internet agnostics” who - having not actually bought the course or indeed being aware of its contents - said it was “the usual internet hype” etc. But now just over seven months after that initial launch, John has made them almost literally “eat their words”. The results from people who had bought and applied the course, to their businesses, have now come in.

John has compiled a special online report entitled the “PROOF”, This presents just over 120, real life case studies, of people, who had successfully, used principles set-out in the course, to leverage the profits and returns from their online businesses. This multi-media report is presented free for you to download. It contains much of value in terms of advice, tips and hints. It will be of considerable benefit to any business, which has an online presence.

For marketing personnel from large corporations, it will be invaluable, to obtain an informed insight into the mechanics of the “Emperor’s new clothes” like world, of expensive SEO and “website promotion” consultants, and to perhaps even consider “doing this in-house”.

Dare one say it, SEOs and “Web Consultants”, may also benefit from this pivotal denouement. This is a chance to see how it “really should be done properly …”. This can translate into even more satisfied clients.

For SMEs, Entrepreneurs and “Mom & Pop” type businesses, which cannot afford the astronomically high fees of SEOs and “web-marketing consultants” – this is indeed absolutely vital information for you to know and use effectively.

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