Scarless Breast Augmentation, Not a Myth

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Bay Area Doctor Sets out to Set the Record Straight on Breast Augmentation without visible scars Â? Great Results, Fewer Complications and No Extraneous Incisions

Dr. Abraham Zachariah wants you to know one thing when it comes to breast augmentation: Breast Augmentation surgeries without visible scars are a reality and can benefit any woman looking for a fuller figure without unsightly scarring. Using the Transumbilical Breast Augmentation (TUBA) method, Dr. Zachariah makes only one incision – in the bellybutton – to place breast implants. By using this technique through the bellybutton, scars are not visible, not noticeable, and most of all, it enables the quickest recovery possible and the least discomfort.

The TUBA method, described in detail at, is an out-patient procedure that requires less surgical time, less anesthesia, less recovery time, and best of all, no visible scarring. A special slender instrument is inserted into the navel incision and travels up to the breast area under the skin (avoiding any internal organs or abdominal muscles). The tissue under the breasts is expanded; an implant put in place and then filled, all through the belly button location. Patients who choose to go the TUBA method never get implants that “slip” into the armpits or have under-the-breast incision irritation from bras or other garments. Instead, they get natural-looking breasts that heal faster, cost less, and look great.

“Several myths exist about the TUBA method, but they aren’t true or well founded,” said Dr. Zachariah. “These myths are based on the results from untrained, unskilled physicians, incorrect anatomy assumptions, and mistaken presumptions.” The idea that breast implants were placed improperly or difficult to place was based on doctors performing the surgeries but not having the appropriate training, knowledge or experience. Likewise, another myth is that breast implants are difficult to place, which is also not true. In fact, with special tools created specifically by Dr. Zachariah, placement is easier and often quicker than traditional methods. The instruments used travel in the subcutaneous levels of the skin – under the skin, but well above muscles or internal organs.

“The TUBA method allows for ideal placement and fewer complications,” said Dr. Zachariah. “Because the surgery is faster than traditional methods and because there is less anesthesia involved and no overnight hospital expense, patients heal more quickly and spend less money on the procedure.” The TUBA method also removes the possibility of certain classic complications associated with traditional methods such as loss of nipple sensation, implants slipping into the armpits during sexual activity (with the arm pit technique), the implant bulging out of the incision area, or irritation many people experience from support bras rubbing against the incisions.

The implants are typically placed under the pectoral muscles, or, if one desires, they can easily placed over the muscle as well, all with the most natural appearance possible.

Dr. Abraham Zachariah performs TUBA breast augmentation and other plastic surgeries in the Bay Area. While he treats women from the surrounding cities, he also has many patients who fly in from other parts of the country to benefit from his expertise with the TUBA method and Body Contouring surgeries and Liposculpture. Dr. Zachariah has been practicing cosmetic surgery in the San Jose area since 1983 and has achieved national fame with his methods of Buttock Augmentation and Calf Augmentation.

He believes that cosmetic surgery is an art form as much as it is a science. Unlike most other surgeons in the area, Dr. Zachariah has completed additional specialized training in facial plastic surgery during a prestigious post-residency fellowship and he is a diplomat of the respected Cosmetic Surgery Board. Dr. Zachariah combines the latest technologies with gentle surgical technique, and uses care and attention to detail, to maximize results of cosmetic surgery. He also integrates holistic medical principles and massage and ultra-sound therapies into his practice to minimize bruising and swelling while promoting a rapid recovery.

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