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This call from CMKM Diamonds shareholder John Martin is going to all shareholders, including those who have sent in shareholders agreement. The Frizzell Law Firm of Texas is now requesting verification in a form that will allow it to submit its proof in a legal proceeding.

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CMKM Diamonds shareholder John Martin is sending a call to all CMKM Diamonds Inc. (CMKX) shareholders for verfication in a form that will allow attorneys at the Frizzell Law Firm in Texas to submit proof in an upcoming legal proceeding.

The message follows:

Many of you know our shareholders group has been tabulating information to fully document the existence of a naked short position in CMKX stock. We have assembled a mountain of evidence through various TA records, NOBO lists, OBO lists and from the database of our shareholders group. The records we can obtain before this hearing will be important to the proof of the alleged stock manipulation that has occurred in this stock for many months. This is not a plea for assistance to any particular board or owners group; this is a request for information to ALL CMKX shareholders.

A Call To All:

It does not matter whether you have 1 million shares or 1 billion shares, confirmation of your holdings is vital to the proof we are assembling. This call is going to all shareholders including those that have sent in your shareholders agreement. We are now requesting verification in a form that will allow us to submit our proof in a legal proceeding.

We Can Get Over The Wall:

We are convinced that stock ownership is a highly regarded secret in the marketplace for many reasons. Unfortunately for the small investor, the secrecy surrounding such ownership allows mountains of common stock to be sold and it is nearly impossible to accurately determine the number of shares sold in any one particular issue. The DTCC and the SEC are the only organizations who have easy and complete access to these records. They repeatedly resist all efforts by companies to obtain records of their own stock positions. There is one thing that each of you shareholders have in your possession that will allow you and your company to prove naked short sales. That is a monthly summary of the shareholdings you receive from your broker. Imagine the concerns market makers, broker/dealers and any guilty parties might have if all shareholders combined their reports and the real sales of stock were proven. You have a right to know how many actual shares are being held by other investors.

Preliminary Share Numbers:

Our initial reports from our group indicate ownership of over 210 billion shares of company stock and we are working on reports from 4,000 shareholders. The OBO and NOBO lists received today from the Company prove that nearly 60,000 accounts/shareholders exist in this stock. We have evidence that this number is far short of the actual number of shareholders. We need your help to prove the shares that have been sold in your company stock.

Current Owners Group Members Must Also Assist Us:

We recognize that many of you have sent your information in your signup agreement. Your file has been established in this office and your numbers have been tabulated in the group. The information we are requesting is similar but we need a copy of your end of March statement from your broker. Please follow the directions below.

The Method:

What Information Is Requested? Please provide the following account information for each account you hold. We are seeking information contained in your brokerage statement for the month ending March 31, 2005:

This information is all contained in your statement. It could be as simple as pulling it up online and email it from the site. Or push print and take it to a fax machine.

1. Your full name

2. Your Broker’s name(s)

3. Number of shares held electronically in account(s)

4. The CUSIP number [the number CMKX stock is assigned]

5. Type of account(s) shares in which shares are held: Margin, Cash or Retirement

Directions for Copying Account Information: There are three (3) ways you may provide information:

1. Copy information from your electronic statement and paste it into a word processing program or directly into an e-mail and e-mail it

2. Print out a copy of your electronic statement and fax it

3. Fax a copy of your paper monthly statement.

If it is possible to submit this information on a single page or two, it would be greatly appreciated!

Note: Feel free to black out any information that we do not require, such as other securities held, addresses, or any other information except what is requested.

*Directions for Transmitting Account Information*

If e-mailing, see e-mail contact link.

If faxing, fax to 903-595-4249. If the system if busy, please continue faxing until successful.

Time is of the essence; therefore, if you want to add your share count to the total, do not hesitate; fax or e-mail your account information today.

If you have questions, call me at 903-595-1921; my assistants or I will gladly answer any of your questions. Please be patient as we will be keeping long hours and fielding many calls.

In Conclusion

The Administrative Hearing is next Tuesday. The presentation of a large share count may demonstrate, not only to Judge Murray and the SEC, but also to the media that short selling of this stock has occurred in amounts rarely seen in the market place.

I urge you to act now and decide to help by adding your share count to the total count by faxing or e-mailing your information and share count.

Note: Only send account information indicating the total shares held electronically in your broker account(s).

Your friend and fellow shareholder,

John Martin

PS: I encourage everyone, who has not joined the CMKX Owners Group, to do so by going online at Please complete the CMKX Owners Group Agreement so we may open your file and continue to send our updates to you.

My previous e-mail and general press release to all shareholders regarding sending information to us with your account information, asked you to provided the CUSIP number of CMKX stock listed in your account(s).

Some Board Members have posted the correct CUSIP number for CMXK for all to just copy into the information to be sent to Mr. Frizzell rather than going into their own account(s) and copying ther CUSIP number from.

Please do not send us any other cusip number than the one listed in your account(s).

The reason for this is that not all CUSIP numbers are the same; any numbers differing from the official CUSIP number of 125809103 may be intentionally incorrect and may have been altered: such an incorrect number could lead to a broker or market maker messing with your stock; therefore, YOU MUST check your CUSIP number in your broker account to see if it differs from the above number. If it does, fax a note to Mr. Frizzell at (903)595-4249 informing him of such. make sure you include your name, broker name, and date of your statement with the incorrect CUSIP number and a way to contact you.

Important #1: If you are having difficulty in locating your CUSIP number and cannot locate it, this is okay: DO NOT LET THE LACK OF Finding your own CUSIP number stop you from sending in all your other information.

If you do eventually locate your CUSIP number and it differs from this one 125809103, then let Mr. Frizzell know by fax as stated above.

Important #2: If you have already sent in your account information to Mr. Frizzell, and you discover the CUSIP number differs from the one above, please fax Mr. Frizzell at and provide the information as listed above.

Important #3: If you cannot locate a CUSIP number on your statement or online account, call your broker and ask what your CUSIP number is; if he will not give you one, insist they put that they will not give you one in writing and send it to you; then send Mr. Frizzell with your name, your brokers name and phone number; fax this to Mr. Frizzell at (903)595-4249.

Frizzell Law Firm

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