New Book for Parents "Empowering Children" is a Powerful Tool for Parents and Others Interested in Raising Children to the Crowning Height of their Individual Potential

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The jeopardy of children in todayÂ?s world is revealed at length, with camera angles on internet dangers, child abuse, sexual predators, domestic violence and ecology issues. Parent and family roles are discussed. There is a chapter on Dr. MalkinÂ?s hundreds of motivational talks in the classroom.

We, as adults, have not done the best job possible in empowering our children, especially “to enable” or “to permit.” Empowerment, depending on where you look for a definition is, at least: “to give power or authority to, to enable, to permit.” It is a wonderful concept that will grow on you, if you pursue it and live it as an idea. It is especially relevant for children. “Empowering Children” includes discussions of the role of parents and family and ideas on how to bond effectively with children.

As the complexity of the planet grows, with quantum leaps in technology and ever increasing threats of political instability, so must the empowerment of our children keep pace. With the advent of the computer, and its arrival now as a commonplace household appliance, our children are exposed not only to the much heralded pornography, but also to the wondrous world of internet browsing and research. For learning, the computer is unparalleled as a resource. It also portends that children have access to just about anything they care to investigate, both desirable and undesirable. Much the same can be said of television. Satellite access now makes hundreds of channels available to children. By the way, children have no problem understanding and using the “new” technologies. The smallest of the gnomes is computer is the new birthright!

So as the technology for child empowerment is in place, so must adults recognize the new maturities that have unfolded in the new generations. Children mature much faster now than ever in Western history. It is the result of a shrinking globe and the technologies, of course, but also a product of New Age thinking, permissiveness, intercultural breeding, lack of respect for tradition and exposure to the mistakes of their elders. Not all of that is necessarily bad, but clearly, our children are in a different world and their adjustment to it has produced a “new maturity.”

All of this is discussed at length in “Empowering Children.” More information and some excerpts are available at:

Our troubled world has exacerbated the peril that our children face, with the threats of drugs, alcohol, abuse from all sources, slavery, sexual violence, prostitution, disorders and internet dangers. Protection from these perils is another empowerment necessity.

Dr. Malkin has made hundreds of visits to schools with a moving and effective motivational presentation, urging teens to do their personal best. His mentoring programs have empowered many, many children. His quest for years has been to teach the power of Right Action, working towards the goal of a better world. One of the chapters in the book is a summary of his talks with children. There is a description of child behaviors, by age, ages 1 to 15.

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