6FootMedia Launches New SiteCMS

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6FootMedia develops a custom Content Management System to address key marketing strategies and simplify the management of all aspects of a website, including: content, dealer searches, online purchases, and visitor tracking.

6FootMedia has developed a custom Content Management System (CMS) which eliminates the process of manually updating a website. A CMS is able to incorporate a word processor, webpage design studio and HTML editor into one simple browser enabled interface. This system dramatically reduces the time and resources necessary to make revisions to a client’s website and reduces their dependency on web developers to make such changes.

6FootMedia’s SiteCMS is a customized approach that integrates all features of the client’s website.

Each system is personalized to address each client’s targeted strategic needs within its basic functionality.

SiteCMS is:

• Is built on robust Microsoft SQL Server infrastructure

• Instantaneously displays managed content in the HTML version of the website and the Flash version of the website.

• Manages the dealer locator (a proximity location type solution, also developed by 6FootMedia) through a centralized control panel.

• Aggregates and collects all consumer inquiries in a single database (including consumer inquiries, technical support questions and online purchases), which can be exported to Excel to be used for marketing and research purposes.

• Identifies changes to the corporate SQL database and exports all the changes to a Microsoft Access database that the client can archive, thereby creating smart snapshots of the entire system configurations at any given time.

• Manages client product offerings, product pricing, and product tree structure (i.e., which accessories consumers can buy and which products they belong to).

• Contains a "smart editor" which allows the client to superimpose key consumer data from the database onto its letterhead in order to create custom invoices, responses to customer inquiries, and custom faxes sent to dealers notifying them of consumer inquiries via the website.

• Contains a real-time visit display which enables the client to see who is online and what page they are viewing.

Meeting Strategic Marketing Objectives

6FootMedia’s was instrumental in updating the website of one of their clients Water Tech, who manufacturers the Pool Buster, a consumer pool cleaning device. In the development of Water Tech’s website, 6FootMedia needed to create a dynamic site but also one that has an easy to use CMS system.

Water Tech distributes is products throughout the world via a network of retailers. In order to assuage dealers’ concerns Water Tech avoids selling product directly to the consumer.

As a result, 6FootMedia developed a custom solution which incorporates both its proprietary Proximity Locator and SiteCMS: Consumers can search for a dealer near them. If a dealer is found, the consumer may direct an inquiry to the dealer through the website. Consumers can press a button on the search results that will trigger a free incoming call to any number they provide and the system then connect the call to the retailer. This feature keeps Water Tech informed whenever a consumer contacts one of their dealers while extending a toll-free-type service to any deal in their database.

If there are no dealers within a reasonable distance from the consumer’s address, the website then allows the consumer to purchase product directly from the manufacturer.

This system drives business to the retailers while never "losing" a customer who lives far from an available dealer.

See It Yourself

To see how SiteCMS works, 6FootMedia has duplicated the Water Tech website and opened the administrative control panel to the public. Visitors can actually manipulate the website and explore the many features that are part of this system.

To login in to the mock Water Tech administrative control panel, point your browser to: http://demo1.6footmedia.com/siteCMS
(Username: admin Password: admin)

To see the website you are editing go to: http://demo1.6footmedia.com

We encourage you to come visit and experiment with 6FootMedia’s SiteCMS for free (the demo site resets itself every 30 visitors).

About 6FootMedia

6FootMedia is an award winning strategic marketing & consulting firm based in New York City. The company implements marketing and sales solutions using the internet, printed materials and multimedia for its Fortune 500 clients which include financial institutions, non-profit organizations, healthcare and military industries. The company analyzes its clients’ business practices and draws innovative marketing solutions which engage information technology, telecommunications and visuals.

Contact Name: Tiran Dagan (tdagan@6footmedia.com)

Homepage: http://www.6footmedia.com
Contact Phone: (866) 636-6888 Ext. 201

Contact Fax: (800) 230-1587

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