New Book Asserts: Before Star Wars, the CIA Used “The Force”

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In the Star Wars saga, Jedi warriors use their mental abilities to wield Â?The ForceÂ? in battle. A recent book, Reading the Enemy's Mind, details how for almost 25 years American intelligence agencies used very similar mental powers to combat enemies both foreign and domestic.

A new book details the United States government's use of “The Force” in defense of national security. "Reading the Enemy's Mind: Inside Star Gate – America's Psychic Espionage Program," by retired military intelligence Major Paul H. Smith (Tor/Forge, 2005) tells us that, unbeknownst to most Star Wars movie fans, the U.S. government began tapping the power of The Force as early as 1972. In that year, the Central Intelligence Agency first contracted with a physicist and his associates at a government think-tank to research and apply remote viewing, a real variety of ESP, to ferret out the secrets of our Cold-War adversaries. The effort continued in secret for nearly a quarter of a century.

Part memoir, part how-to, part expose and part spiritual odyssey, "Reading the Enemy's Mind" recounts true tales of intrigue, drama and seemingly miraculous feats. In one documented case, a missile attack on an American warship was described 50 hours before the attack took place. In another case, remote viewers gave accurate details about a renegade CIA agent working for the KGB.

Maj. Smith eschews a “true-believer” attitude about the mental phenomena he observed, then experienced for himself. “I was mildly skeptical at first,” he says, “but soon came to realize that 'The Force' is real – in this form, at least.” He adds, “It seems to be available to anyone who puts out the effort and develops the necessary insights.” But there are pitfalls and cautionary lessons to be learned, and Smith documents these as well.

Understandably, there are those who are dubious of the military's leap into the practical application of psychic phenomena. But the recent release by the CIA of nearly 100,000 pages of previously-top secret information about the Star Gate psychic espionage program now make it much harder to dismiss. “The release of these documents is a turning point,” Smith notes. “Now there is validation to back up what I wrote about in my book.” Thanks to his first-hand experience in the Star Gate Program, Smith was able to include much of what is contained in these documents in "Reading the Enemy's Mind." That material, along with hundreds of interviews with scores of remote viewers, scientists and military leaders who were directly involved, helps to make the book not just authoritative, but also exciting reading.

Others share Smith's enthusiasm. Well-known talk-show host George Noory, of Premiere Radio's "Coast to Coast" program declared "Reading the Enemy's Mind" to be “one of the most important books about human potential you'll ever read.” And E. Elias Merhige, director of "Suspect Zero," the first major film to feature remote viewing, has this to say: “The implications of this book are revolutionary in our understanding of the human mind."

Paul H. Smith grew up in southern Nevada, graduated from Brigham Young University and, during his 20-year Army career, earned a Masters degree in Strategic Intelligence from the military's Defense Intelligence College. He is presently a graduate student in the philosophy PhD program at the University of Texas at Austin, and runs a remote viewing training company.

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