Budget Travel Quiz Unveiled by Travel-journal.org

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Travel-journal.org has unveiled a new Â?Budget Travel QuizÂ? that allows users to scientifically find their Â?travel personalityÂ?. This release also includes top five budget travel tips.

Travel-Journal.org, known as a source of free and unbiased budget travel advice, has unveiled its latest feature: the Budget Travel Quiz.

On the website http://www.travel-journal.org users are asked to answer 10 multiple choice travel questions. The users’ answers to these questions help calculate their travel personality on two main scales. The first is their love of luxury vs. their talent to pinch pennies. The second is their tendency to travel with groups of groups vs. enjoyment of solitary trips.

Once the questions have been answered, users are presented with exact individual results as well as categorizing them into one of 5 travel personality types. Users then receive specific advice, a custom graphic and other information relevant to their travel personality.

It takes most users two minutes to complete the questions and at any time they can send the quiz to a friend.

“While building this budget travel site”, said Christ Hart, Senior Editor of Travel-Journal.org, “we realized that people fall into one of 4 main traveler categories or occasionally enjoyed such a mix of activities that they didn’t fall into any of the categories.”

“Just like with the Myers-Briggs™ test, Travel-Journal.org’s personality test uncovers travelers’ true personalities, not just who they say they are. Since almost everyone likes taking personality tests we decided to provide this opportunity to help people understand themselves better and have fun doing it.”

About Travel Journal

Travel-journal.org is dedicated to informing all travelers about budget travel options. Travel-Journal.org was started by two travelers, one a backpacker and one a business traveler. The site has grown since its inception with cheap travel tips and advice for the largest cities and the most obscure villages visited by the Travel-Journal.org team. Places range from New York City to literally Timbuktu.

“It doesn’t matter what financial resources a person has,” Hart said, “Everyone loves to save a little money, and we can help them do just that.”

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Top five Travel Tips by Travel-journal.org

1. "Your fellow travelers are your best friends. Message boards and recent word of mouth is often more reliable than guidebooks for restaurants, clubs and accommodation. Even annually published guidebooks cannot keep up with changing staff, closings and hot new places.”

2. "Always head to crowded restaurants! If the wait is long, there’s usually a good reason. It also means that the food will be hot. This is even more important in developing countries.

3. "Always take local transport, or use those feet! If you lose local transport, you can save money and see cities and towns through the eyes of their citizens. By using your feet, you’re exercising, saving money and getting an even greater tour!”

4. "Be a good economist. Make sure you save enough before you leave and put your trip on a charge card that you won’t pay off for years (or you’ll never go again!). Also, pick your destination wisely. See what the country’s currency is pegged to (most of Latin America and China is pegged to the US dollar, West Africa to the euro....) and plan accordingly. If the US dollar isn’t doing too well, a four month trip to Europe might not be your best bet–-perhaps Peru or Southeast Asia would stretch that dollar.”

5. "Be careful with The Book. Travelers need to choose their guidebooks wisely. Know the reputation of your guidebook and triply check the date! You need to know what you want to accomplish on your trip as well as what your budget will be. Then you need to see if your guidebook falls in line your plans.”

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