When it Comes to Websites, People are the Same

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Bestselling New Book Reveals Study

There's something unique about the way that web visitors scan a website. It's an unconscious process that’s exactly the same for every single person.

In Call To Action, a book just released, authors Bryan and Jeffrey Eisenberg discuss online “eye-tracking” studies. These studies show a pattern that all web visitors use (at least in the West). It's true for newbies or a long-time Internet users, whether they’ve been to a site before or not.

“Here's something else that's unusual,” says Bryan Eisenberg. “With newspapers, people look at the pictures first. But it's the exact opposite on websites. Web visitors look at the text first. They look at graphics last...if ever.”

These “eye-tracking” studies are critical for website owners. By knowing exactly where the eyes go, they can place things on a website to optimize their visibility and better persuade web visitors to take a prescribed action.

So where do the eyes go? They start at the top left, move quickly across the center to the right, then return leftward, again crossing center as the web visitor works their way down. All this happens within seconds, usually outside of awareness, until the viewer comes to rest at page’s center.

Even as they attend to the center area, web visitors subtly glance at other sections of the site. They sometimes look to the left side to orient themselves and seek out navigation options. More often, they peripherally check the right side, making it a good place for testimonials or calls to action.

“Clearly though, the center of the screen is the prime real estate of your website,” says Jeffrey Eisenberg. “Your website will succeed or fail based on what you do in that section.”

Bryan Eisenberg and Jeffrey Eisenberg are co-founders of Future Now, Inc., a marketing boutique focused on helping clients convert their website's traffic into leads, customers and sales by applying Persuasion Architecture, copywriting, usability and web analytics to design, redesign and optimize websites and other online marketing efforts. Future Now, Inc. has helped clients such as Dell, GE Volvo, Overstock & Disney


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