Acne and Acne Scars Meet Their Match with Specialty Lasers and Lights

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Non-ablative lasers used in combination are giving acne scar sufferers remarkably effective and pleasing results. Double benefits reduce active acne by affecting acne-feeding oil glands. Acne, even really tough acne, can be controlled with a special light-based therapy that destroys deep-seated acne bacteria.

"Nobody has to suffer from acne or acne scars" affirms Dr. Nissan Pilest, Board-Certified Dermatologist in Irvine, California. "Technology has superseded the expectations of everyone, including physicians. Lasers and Lights are tools that can not only control acne, but also help erase the lingering effects of scarring and redness."

"Doctors used to prescribe antibiotics and hope patients would outgrow their acne before they suffered the permanent effects of scarring. Cystic acne caused irreversible scars that were as traumatic as the acne itself. That scenario today is rare when correct treatment is provided."

With potential serious side effects and implementation of new FDA restrictions, the oral medication that had success in treating severe acne, tretinoin, is far less likely now to be prescribed to teens with troubled skin, says Dr. Pilest. Alternate treatments have come to the rescue, most notably non-ablative lasers and light systems boosted by acne-destroying solutions. Non-ablative lasers don’t damage surface skin. Instead, they work beneath the skin’s upper layer. Patients can have a procedure and go right back to work or school immediately and no one else will know they just had a laser treatment.

"The two most indispensable lasers in my practice for treating acne scarring are the Vbeam and Smoothbeam Lasers by Candela Corporation" Dr. Pilest noted. "Vbeam removes redness from acne scars and surrounding broken blood vessels by thermally coagulating the capillaries. The body naturally absorbs the coagulated vessels and the result is skin color that is normal, not red."

"Smoothbeam triggers the body to build collagen from within, helping fill and lift scars. Smoothbeam performs double duty by shrinking the sebaceous glands that feed acne bacteria. So you not only get the benefit of the new collagen but also your acne and acne potential is reduced."

"Combined effects are quite successful and there are no systemic effects to worry about with oral medications - or healing time as was required with mechanical processes such as dermabrasion."

What about the patient with ongoing severe or resistant acne?

Dr. Pilest is a strong advocate of PhotoDynamic Therapy (PDT). By applying a light-activated solution to the affected skin and then placing the patient under special light sources, deep-seated acne bacteria are destroyed. Even severe or resistant acne that has been non-responsive to other treatments will almost always show great levels of improvement with PDT.

"By making sure acne is controlled early, you can minimize or even eliminate scarring. But if that didn't happen and patients come to me with scars they've endured for years, I know I can help. My biggest professional satisfaction comes when my patients are no longer embarrassed by their skin. It’s amazing to see the change in self confidence and self esteem-no matter what age. I call the technology ’Amazing Lasers’ because that’s exactly what it is - amazing."

Dr. Pilest, Board Certified Medical Director of Total Dermatology in Irvine, Ca. has been in practice for over 26 years. His extensively equipped medical office is noted as one of Orange County’s most comprehensive laser centers. He is an Associate Professor at University of Irvine’s Department of Dermatology and has been selected as one of Orange County’s Best Physicians. The Total Dermatology office can be reached by calling (949) 727-3800. The website address is

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