Christian Author Willy Kipapa Says Most of the Protestant, Baptist, and Catholic Theologians are Deceitful about the Bible in Their Churches

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Willy says the historians and theologians are trying to get everyone to believe in details that they know is not true. They don’t want to admit the books of Matthew and Mark have a lot of errors, contradictions, and fabricated stories. These two books should have not been included in the Bible.

Mr. Kipapa says the majority of historians and theologians have been dishonest about the Bible. The theologians do not want to admit the founders of their Church denominations did not discover there were major problems in the gospels. Many of them have made claims or gave the impression that they were so spiritual it was impossible for them to make errors in interpreting the Bible. Now it seems they would rather lie and deceive everyone into believing the Bible is perfect to protect their reputation and their church denomination.

Mr. Kipapa say's here's an example of their deception. In the New International study application bible they present this timeline.

Jesus born in five or six B.C. and Jesus died in thirty A.D. When most people see this they figure since the theologians and historians are saying this it must be right, it must be true. However if someone looked closely they would wonder how could Jesus be born 5 or 6 years before He was born. Furthermore if people would add five B.C. and thirty A.D. it would equal 35 Jesus would be 35 years old.

None of these Bible experts will confess Jesus was thirty five years old because most Christians know Jesus was 33 years old. Luke chapter three verse twenty three says Jesus was thirty years old when he began his ministry. John shows the disciples celebrated three Passovers this means Jesus died at 33 years old. Willy say's the theologians are telling a lie that they don't even believe in. The Catholic and Protestant theologians are very deceptive.

Notice they never say where they are coming up with these dates. Willy also say's years after the Catholics made the Christian calendar they discovered a major problem. Herod the Great died 4 years (4 B.C.) before Jesus was born. Herod the Great was the only Herod that could have sent the soldiers to kill the innocent babies in Bethlehem that Matthew is talking about in his story.

The Catholic scholars knew they could not change history, and they did not want to admit that Matthew told a lie, because if they did they would have to admit the Pope made a mistake. Years earlier the Pope made claims that the Bible was infallible (with out error) and he was infallible in interpreting the scriptures. The Roman Catholic Pope and all of his priest's continue to make this same claim today. To solve their great dilemma they decided to start a rumor that the calendar was off by 4 years. They do not say how they found out the calendar was off.

Willy say's Dionysius a Catholic monk who was assigned to figure out the year Jesus was born did not make a mistake. He had measured the most accurate and reliable event in the Bible that lined up with the Roman calendar and Roman history. Luke 3:1 says Tiberius Caesar, emperor of Rome reigned for 15 years: That is the same time John the Baptist started his ministry, which would be in 29 A.D. This is why: Tiberius became emperor in 14 A.D. So, if you add 14 A.D. + 15 years = 29 A.D.

Luke 3:23 says that Jesus was thirty years old when he began his ministry. John is six months older than Jesus, so six months later, probably in the next year; Jesus would have started His ministry in 30 A.D. John say's Jesus was in ministry for only three years so this would mean that Jesus died in 33 A.D. So according to Luke, Jesus was born in 0 A.D. and He died in 33 A.D.

Luke is telling the truth there is nothing wrong with the calendar. The dates of Jesus birth needs to be changed in the history books. The catholic and most of the Protestant clergy need to confess they were wrong and repent.

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