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TheDevShop Ltd. has just released dbQwikReport 1.1. With dbQwikReport you can create interactive, real-time database reports that can run on any standard office or hosted web server. Anyone can design reports; the program handles all the technical aspects of producing web scripts and database scripts. Both Windows and UNIX servers are supported and most popular databases can be used. With prices starting at $29.95 dbQwikReport fits every budget.

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dbQwikReport offers a unique approach to report design. Traditional report design tools typically show you a blank page; you place “bands” representing headers, detail lines, summary lines and footers on that page. dbQwikReport design wizard and auto-layout automates the process and speeds design. dbQwikReport’s wizard starts by asking you which database to report on, optionally helping you create queries using a visual query builder. Once you have defined the data for the report content, you are asked which fields should be used to create groups for report calculations; you add sorts and pick which fields should be totaled in the report. When you complete the report wizard, you can instantly see your report already laid out for you. You can further customize your report using a visual preview adjusting display formats, colors, field sequence and other visual aspects of your report. Because the report is automatically laid out for you, many of the time consuming tasks of placing and aligning fields and text captions that are common in band based report designers are eliminated. You can literally create meaningful business reports in less than 5 minutes.

dbQwikReport focuses on simplicity: simplicity in use, simplicity in reports, and simplicity in implementation.. The wizard interface and auto-layout make building reports a snap. The reports created by dbQwikReport are simple, elegant, text (HTML) reports. Implementing your reports is also simple; just move the generated web pages to your server. You don’t need any special software to install on your server, no run-time CGI scripts, and reports do not require .NET framework. You can even host the reports in your office on any Windows XP Pro PC or Windows/Unix Server running a web service. Living with dbQwikReport generated reports is also simple; there is no licensing required for servers or client PCs and no limits to the number of reports created, number of servers uses or users to cope with.

While simplicity is the theme of dbQwikReport, there are plenty of powerful features available to make it an invaluable addition to your software collection. With dbQwikReport you can group data up to 5 levels for presentation and summarization. You can calculate: sums, averages, minimums, maximums and record counts. dbQwikReport includes integrated user security allowing you to secure reports with up to 9 user levels, only authorized people at each level can view reports. For personalized reporting solutions, you can filter the report content by the logged in user ID, allowing you to create reports that show only that user’s records. You can add a “dbQwikFilter” to a report, which appears as a dropdown list at the top of the report, viewers can select a value from the list create “sub-reports” on the fly. For example you could have a sales report with a dbQwikFilter on Sales Region, the viewer could select any particular region to view a report on that region only. If you need more powerful filtering, simply enable the “submit” page. Viewers will be presented with a page allowing them to filter on multiple fields before viewing the report. Following the sales report example: you may add a submit page with a sales region pick list and a date range. You report viewer can choose a region and a date range, and then generate a report that includes only the records that match their input.

dbQwikReport is one of the few reporting tools supporting localization. An integrated localization tool allows you to translate or customize all the messages and text that is placed in the report by report generation. This powerful facility not only allows you to create report for different languages, but also customize reports to fit your own business specific terms providing additional clarity to your viewers.

Rounding out dbQwikReport as a complete light-weight business reporting solution is dbQwikReport OnTime. OnTime is a batch report scheduler and generator, producing static HTML reports using the report designs you created using dbQwikReport Pro Edition. With dbQwikReport OnTime you can create snapshot reports. Batch reports suit accounting reports, status reports and other periodic reports. Batch reports also provide a higher performance for high volume viewing situations.

dbQwikReport's product line has two editions: express and Pro. As well as the dbQwikReport OnTime batch reporting facility. dbQwikReport exPress sells for $29.95 and does not offer the security and filtering options. dbQwikReport Pro sells for $39.95 it includes all features. dbQwikReport OnTime sells for $149.95 when bundled with dbQwikReport Pro (required) or $129 if purchased separately. A download demo version allows you to test all the features for 30 days with a limit of 5 database fields. dbQwikReport programs runs under Windows 98/Me/NT4/2000/XP. Your generated reports will operate on servers supporting ASP for windows servers or PHP (Windows or Linux servers) and can connect to virtually any database. You can download the free demo from http://www.dbQwikReport.com. dbQwikReport is produced by TheDevShop Ltd, 22/6 Emporium Tower, 622 Sukhumvit Rd. Bangkok 10110, Thailand. +66 (0)2 664-7252


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