Who is the Best “American Idol” Contestant?

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A new website lets you to rank Â?American IdolÂ? contestants using solid criteria.

IdolRankings.com is a unique website that lets you rank an “American Idol” contestant based on merit, rather than popularity alone. You rate contestants based on eleven “indicators” that matter. The “indicators” are tallied, summed up, and ultimately determine the score of an “American Idol” contestant's "Total Package."

“Indicators” are based on a contestant’s “voice quality,” “performance quality,” and “likability.”

The eleven “indicators” are “voice clarity,” “voice range,” “voice power,” “voice control,” “sings with feeling and soul,” “sings with pizzazz, flair, and energy,” “has originality and own style,” “has stage presence,” “has appeal, charm, or charisma,” “has physical attractiveness,” and “gives the most memorable / outstanding performances.”

Questions asked when rating a contestant’s “voice quality” are, “when listening to a contestant’s voice, is it clean, rich, and pure, or do you hear a nasal or grainy tone?” “Do they ‘hit’ high notes without straining or squeaking?” “If they have a powerful voice, do they control that power into a smooth sounding professional tone, or is their powerful voice unrefined and out of control?”

Questions asked when rating a contestant’s “performance quality” are, “Does the “American Idol” contestant emote feeling and soul in their performances, and do you feel a connection?” “Do they energize and excite you with their flair and pizzazz?” “Do they take a song and make it their own, singing with their own style?” “Do they command your attention with their stage presence?”

Questions asked when rating a contestant’s “likability” are, “does the contestant project their appeal, charm, or charisma to you?” “Do you find them physically attractive?” “Do they give the most memorable / outstanding performances of popular hit songs, or do you find them giving forgettable performances of unknown, boring songs?”

All of the “indicators” discussed above matter at a high level of competition. An “American Idol” contestant ranking high in all categories is considered the “Superstar.”

Which “American Idol” contestant do you think has the "Total Package?" Rate their talent and qualities at http://www.IdolRankings.com/


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