Boabom, the Ancient Tibetan Art Now in the USA

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The Boston School of Boabom, the first school for Boabom and Seamm Jasani in the USA, opens its doors in Brookline Village, MA

Boabom is an Art of Relaxation, Movement and Defense originating in pre-Buddhist Tibet. Similar to yet different from Yoga and Tai Chi, Boabom is a progressively taught Art that focuses on the connection between mind and body, developing this through a constantly evolving course of movements and breathing. Though the students learn to defend themselves there is no contact whatsoever in the classes; the focus is instead on fast movements, quick reactions, and increased focus and concentration. The classes directly help students by giving them a positive and interesting way to release stress while providing excellent physical exercise that is as demanding as the student wishes to make it.

The first school for Boabom in the USA has recently opened its doors in the Boston area. Located on Harvard St. in Brookline Village, the Boston School of Boabom offers classes evenings and weekends and is dedicated solely to the transmission of the Boabom Arts. The Boston School of Boabom is designed to be a warm, welcoming environment where the student comes to learn, to better her or himself in an enjoyable and exciting way. The school itself is non-hierarchical and non-competitive, and thus completely opposed to the ideals of aggressive competitiveness so prevalent in contemporary society.

There are several specific aspects of Boabom that make it different from most other systems of currently popular exercise. First is Boabom’s progressive teaching method. What we mean by this is that the student, in each and every class, learns at least one new movement or coordination. These movements are taught in a very specific order, for they form a chain of increasing complexity that the student is able to master one step at a time. Thus there is neither an excessive repetition leading to boredom nor an advance that is too quick or complicated for all of the students to understand. The classes begin with warm-ups, what we call ‘The Art of Awakening,’ a system of stretches designed to work all of the muscles in the body, from the toes to the eyes. In the beginning these take up the majority of an hour-long course, with only a few movements from the second part, ‘The Art of Self-Healing through Self-Defense.’ All of the movements in the second part serve as precise and effective strikes and blocks that can be used as a defense should the student need to. This aspect, however, is only a medium: a way to move the body and mind together, in union. As the class advances we do the warm-ups more quickly, making them a more physical workout, in order to leave more time for the Defense movements, which we are constantly adding to. All of these movements are coordinations that require concentration and participation from the mind, in order to execute them well; they are like little puzzles which require a process of coordination that serves as a meditation, focusing the student’s mind away from stresses big and small. Thus, without a great conscious effort she or he becomes immersed in the class, and refreshed afterward, because during the class the mind is resting, removed from stress, as if dreaming.

Another unique aspect of Boabom is that there is no contact whatsoever in the classes. We follow a philosophy of doing no harm whatsoever to the body; this requires no contact. As well, contact creates fear, whereas our objective is the increased self-confidence and self-security of each and every student. There is no competition or hierarchy in Boabom, and in fact the class is designed to encourage the exact opposite: an enjoyable, pleasant, fun place to learn how to move your body and focus your mind. With time we add a third part to the class, combinations of movement, both as practical responses to real-life situations and as more formal, aesthetic, forms in which the students can express their movements. With more time we begin something akin to a dance, where two students will improvise with one another, but with no contact whatsoever. Instead of a fight it is like a conversation spoken through movement, in which the student learns to react and respond quickly, with precision, security, and decisiveness.

This decisiveness and centeredness that the student finds within the class begins, with time, to move into her or his daily life, as little by little he or she feels more relaxed, confident, and able to make decisions in daily life. Students tend to learn their own body’s tastes for eating, and tend to eat healthier as a result of feeling it, not by prescription. And of course the physical benefits, of increased strength, flexibility, and balance, more energy on a day to day basis, better lung capacity, and generally better health, all come to the student over time in the class and contribute in general to a more positive and open way of life.

The Boston School of Boabom and all of its teachers are fully recognized and certified by the Mmulargan School, the international teaching body of Boabom. Classes are offered weeknights and weekends, meeting once or twice per week. Please email, call 617-852-8077, or visit for more information on schedules and pricing. For press-related questions and requests you can contact to Benjamin Kelley by email at

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