New Book Released for Women in Business Who Hate Marketing Themselves – But Want to Succeed

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Why do so many women business owners hate to market themselves – and undermine their own success? Why do they settle for ‘making ends meet’ when they have the potential to become an ‘Economic Powerhouse?’ How can they banish ‘overwhelm’ from their lives and become amazingly confident, balanced and authentic? The answers to these and other questions – including how men can best support the businesswomen in their lives – are all featured in “Testosterone-Free Marketing: The Yin and Yang of Marketing” (Transformational Press), a groundbreaking new book by marketing expert & business coach Denise Michaels.

If you’re a woman who owns a home-based business and hates marketing or selling, you’re not alone. According to marketing expert and business coach Denise Michaels, many women avoid marketing at all costs – sometimes at the cost of their own success. That’s why she wrote, “Testosterone-Free Marketing: The Yin and Yang of Marketing for Women,” newly released by Personal Transformation Press.

Says Michaels, “I’ve coached over a thousand men and women in building and strengthening their marketing efforts, and what’s really stood out is how women have a completely different take on marketing from men. They actually try to avoid it altogether, and focus only on delivering the product or service they enjoy.

“This approach doesn’t work if your goal is to make money! In ‘Testosterone-Free Marketing’ I share proven techniques for women who want to succeed by marketing their businesses their way.”

According to Michaels, the idea is for women to have a balance of ‘Yang and Yin’ energy – Chinese attributes she ascribes to masculine and feminine business qualities. She says the Yang approach used by men shows in the way they’re driven by projecting outward – as well as the actions they’re willing to take to achieve results.

“Men are more likely to ‘put themselves out there’ and ask for what they want, and they handle rejection better,” explains Michaels. “They often need improvement in the ‘yin’ or ‘soft skills’ that women excel at – but that doesn’t impede their success. Traditional marketing initiatives favor this approach, which is uncomfortable for women.”

Why? Michaels says that, “Yin-leaning women tend to wait to be noticed. They become frustrated when they aren’t and upset when they feel rejected. Women are great at soft skills and relationship building, but many lose sight of the actions that drive success. Millions intentionally stay busy with work that’s within their comfort zone and avoid simple business activities that add up to greater success.”

To be successful in business, Michaels asserts that women need a balance of both Yin and Yang, and that she can assist women in achieving that goal.

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