Digital Garage Media Announces the Launch of its New “Podcasting” Media and Marketing Services

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Digital Garage Media's new "podcasting" media and marketing services help advertisers build “podcasting” communities that extend their brands to portable MP3 players and engage the lifestyle interest of their target audience by supporting the creation and distribution of community generated content. Digital Garage Media is working with advertisers to develop branded communities focused on music, entertainment, sports, fashion and video games.

The installed base of portable digital music players world wide including iPods could reach 500 million by 2010.”

“iPods/MP3 players are gadgets for the upscale. Fully 18% of those who live in households earning more than $75,000 have them; 13% of those living in households earning $50,000 to $75,000 have them; 9% of those living in households earning $30,000-$50,000 own them and 7% of those living in households earning less than $30,000 have them.”

May 11th, 2005 – Digital Garage Media announces the launch of its new “podcasting” media and marketing services. A world leader in branded entertainment marketing, Digital Garage Media, quickly recognized the potential of this unique community driven media experience that turns millions of North American’s into both producers and consumers of radio-like audio files. For the first time, consumers and professionals alike can produce and publish sound files to the Internet and build an audience around the world by allowing listeners to download and play their content on portable MP3 players such as the wildly popular Apple iPods. Digital Garage Media’s Podcasting media and marketing services help our clients harness the power of “podcasting” to create integrated programs that drive sales and connect with customers.

“Suddenly anyone with a PC, microphones, and the right software can become an overnight broadcaster of digital content and reach audiences globally”, says Geoff Clendenning – Managing Director, “This dramatically shifts how consumers will engage and consume radio content and will change the way advertisers leverage media to communicate their message to their audience”.

“Podcasting allows consumers to engage radio content on their own terms which represents a significant change to the traditional notion of broadcasting. Very soon video will be included in this evolving model as well”, says Michael Carpentier – Managing Director, “This frees consumers and advertisers alike from the constraints of mass media and represents an unparallel marketing opportunity to those companies that move quickly to integrate and associate themselves with this compelling model and growing community”

Digital Garage Media helps advertisers build “podcasting” communities in a manner that strategically links the brand with the community. Like all branded entertainment developed by Digital Garage, “podcasting” communities can focus on a variety of content matter including music, fashion, entertainment, sports, video games, etc. All Digital Garage Media programs incorporate an integrated “closed looped” approach to ensure that retail and/or sales objectives are part of the program. Campaigns can be scaled and/or modified to meet regional, national and international strategic requirements. Tracking, measuring and reporting are always a fundamental part of the program. This brings a genuine level of accountability that often can be traced right to the point of purchase while building productive relationships with your consumer.

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