Finch Insurance Providing Help To Blue Shield of California’s Health Insurance Consumers

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CaliforniaÂ?s Finch Insurance has unveiled its newest line-up of health benefit quoting services in order to better provide CaliforniaÂ?s increasingly diverse population of consumers with the assortment of cost-effective Blue Cross of California health package options and alternatives theyÂ?ve demanded at:

For many of us, it will come as little to no surprise that over the last year, average premiums for health care insurance reached a shocking monthly high of $829 or an annual high of about $9,950 for families and monthly highs of $308 or an annual highs of $3,695 for singles who’d purchased private health insurance coverage. Over that same time frame, family plan premiums for Preferred Provider Organizations (PPO’s), the insurance structure responsible for providing coverage to the majority of the nation’s workforce, rose to $851 on average per month or $10,217 on average annually, up significantly from 2003’s monthly average of $776 or $9,317 annually. What’s most illuminating however, is the simple fact that family plan health insurance premiums have risen an astonishing 59% since 2000. Those same surveys also revealed that the percentage of employees covered by group health plans nationwide has dropped from 65% in 2001 to 62% percent today . . . Meaning, that there were around 5,000,000 fewer of us with a group-sponsored health benefits plan in 2004 than there were in 2001.

Faced with continually escalating premiums and fewer and fewer employer-sponsored health insurance packages besides, employees nationwide have been forced to turn to privately-sponsored health insurance alternatives in their search for affordable but comprehensive medical indemnity coverage. And, it doesn’t take much in the way of scouting the healthcare landscape to see why more us than ever before are evidencing a substantial level of concern regarding the costs of family indemnity coverage.

Fortunately however, millions of health insurance consumers here in California have a friend online that they might not know about yet. Finch Insurance dot com is busily offering the state’s understandably worried health care consumers a continuously expanding assortment of cost effective Blue Shield of California health plan alternatives—in person, from Finch’s offices in Monterey, CA and with an impressive web-based presence that’s exclusively dedicated to providing Californians with straightforward health insurance advice and information as well as fast no-obligation quotes for a wide range of moderately-priced health benefits plans including—income and long-term protection, disability and senior care, whole and term life, HSA Plan or health savings accounts, self-funded, major medical, individual, family or small group supplemental, dental and temporary student health. In addition to their side-by-side insurance plan quotes, Finch Insurance features a comprehensive collection of articles dealing with everything from general health care to specific medical issues and more.

Over the last few years Finch Insurance ( has consistently raised the customer service bar with each of its enhancements, providing California’s internet-shopping consumers with what would once have seemed an impossibly wide array of direct responses to their stated health and medical insurance needs. They absolutely represent the type of high service quality agency with which national carriers seek to partner and have committed themselves to expanding Californian’s health insurance provider options, and of course to passing along the savings that always follow expanded choices.

About Finch Insurance was specially designed and created to provide California’s growing population of online consumers with the same personalized high-quality health insurance related services that’ll been available to Monterey’s residents for years now in the form of one-hundred percent free and affordably-priced Blue Shield of California Life and Health Co. insurance quotes. So, if you’re a resident of California interested in getting a free of charge BCC health insurance plan quote, don’t hesitate to visit Finch Insurance on the web at: Finch Health Insurance dot com is headquartered in Monterey, CA and is an exclusively U.S. owned and operated agency.

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