Life is a Game - Learn to Play by the Rules

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Without insight into the Energy Principle and understanding the Rules of the Game, no permanent change is possible. The self-help industry has disillusioned many; taken their money in return for empty promises. Finally, this book pulls all the loose ends together and in narritive form reveals the pathway of creation.

As a society, we have more knowledge, possessions and money than ever, but it comes with a high price tag. There is more stress and unhappiness in the world today than at any point in history and a rapidly growing number of people are looking for the answers to this dilemma. Author Elfreda Pretorius has written a wonderful book, Rules of the Game (How to Overcome Struggle and Start Living), that provides insight into the game of life and also in how to play, and win, by the rules. There is also a companion workbook to help readers better understand themselves and to kick-start their journey.

Society today demands that our bodies be perfect, our teeth be whiter and straighter, our homes be larger and more opulent and that success is measured by what we have as opposed to who we are. Spend, spend, spend seems to be the mantra, but all the toys in the world cannot bring self-actualization and fulfillment.

Life has become a struggle for the majority of people as the quest for the material world becomes all-consuming. Many turn to self-help books and courses to find answers, but more often than not, come away disappointed and disillusioned. This is because most of the self-help material that is available, addresses today’s problems only at a superficial level. Root causes are ignored or not explored deeply enough, and therefore lasting solutions remain undiscovered. It is for these people that Rules of the Game (How to Overcome Struggle and Start Living) was written.

(ISBN 141203147-8) The book is the light at the end of the tunnel for those overwhelmed by constant emotional, mental or financial struggle, or who just feel the unceasing pressure of today’s hectic and demanding lifestyle. The author, Elfreda Pretorius, explains, “We have a birthright to happiness, and by understanding the Rules of the Game, we can learn how to overcome constant, needless struggle.”

The book has been well received to date and is a must-read for anyone feeling that there is more to life than struggling to make ends meet. Here are some comments from those who have already read the book:

“Rules of the Game is a brilliant testimony to all the possibilities that reside in human beings. I am thrilled at its message and I am certain that other readers will find it as fascinating and as helpful as I have.

  • John Harricharan, Award-winning author of the bestseller “When You Can Walk on Water, Take the Boat”

“In our time this is going to be a very important book for many who are looking for answers. Presented with an intriguing story, it challenges many of the old paradigms of life, but is clear in its guidelines and delivers on the promise of true self-help. A book that will be read and read again.”

  • Dan Poynter, Author of more than 100 books

“I hope this book comes to the attention of psychiatrists, psychologists and CEOs; everyone who is truly interested in maximizing individual spiritual growth and the organizational benefits derived there from.”

  • Thomas Smeenk, CEO, Proactive Capital Partners

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Elfreda Pretorius is a personal coach, keynote speaker and subject matter expert in the areas of self-motivation and personal development. She holds an honors degree in Communication and has studied mainstream religion (the strife it causes) and the big philosophers extensively. Her chosen path is one of independent thought based on experience and a fundamental understanding of universal law, acceptance and tolerance. She and her family reside in Oakville, Ontario.

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