The Real Estate Bubble Test – Is Your Local Market in a Real Estate Bubble?

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Local Real Estate is the ultimate supply and demand market at work. Low supply and high demand results in rapid price appreciation in some markets. This imbalance can indicate the formation of a local real estate bubble.

What about your local market? Is it in a Real Estate Bubble? Start by asking your local real estate experts. Ask the following key questions of several local leading real estate brokers. Then carefully consider their answers before you act.

1) Is this market in a real estate bubble in your opinion?

2) How many properties have you personally purchased at current price levels?

3) Are you are willing to invest your own money at these prices?

4) If you are not an investor at these price levels, explain why should I invest now?

Real Estate can be an excellent long term investment. Real Estate is always local and local markets can vary widely. During the last several years certain highly desirable locations such as the U.S. Coastal areas and California have seen rapid price appreciation.

Real Estate is rapidly changing. More buyers are in the market. The Internet enables buyers to search for desirable real estate from any where in the world. But, did you ever try to find a specific type of property, in a certain location on the Internet?

Searching the Internet can be fun if you have hours to spend. Many real estate sites require you to sign-in before you even start. Others require you to enter complex search data before you see the first property. But, if you are only interested general information about an area before you make any commitment you quickly become frustrated.

A good example of a no-hassle real estate search website: displays all eBay Real Estate listings on a State by State basis. This gives you a quick easy overview of each State’s market in only seconds with no data entry on your part. You search in complete privacy.

Will double digit appreciation continue is some markets? Nobody really knows, but if interest rates remain low the overall market dynamics are still positive. It looks like Baby-Boomers are all trying to buy their second or third piece of real estate before they retire.


Ted Bailes, President


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