Discount Funding Associates Continues To Roll Out Their 1.5% Pay Rate Program To It's Customers

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What if there was a way to make the smallest payments possible and at the same time pay off your mortgage quicker than ever before?

Since 1979, Discount Funding Associates has obtained mortgage loans for borrowers in many states at competitive rates and terms. One of the oldest organizations of it's kind, Discount Funding Associates, is home to the country's finest loan officers. Leading the pack is Dino Palmieri, a member of the Discount team for more than five years. Dino is lauded not only for the quality of his work and the one-on-one attention he gives to every client, but for the rapidity at which he is able to secure loans. Working in conjunction with multiple lenders, Dino is able to work at speeds unheard of throughout the mortgage business. We had the pleasure of sitting down with Dino Palmieri at his office in Hewlett, NY. His knowledge and insight was extremely impressive. He even sold the 1.5% program to one of our staffers during our visit. Dino was very poised and informative. "The lenders we are working with make us more than a broker; we're an affiliate. Their turn around time from submission to close is the fastest in the industry. I have submitted loans personally on a Tuesday and closed on the following Friday" states Palmieri.

Dino has made it his personal mission to work closely, giving his full attention to each individual in a extremely timely manner to find the program that is right for his clients. There are so many programs that are geared towards consumers that have difficulty proving their income as well as prospective borrowers with marginal credit. For consumers that are seeking the best rates in the marketplace, Dino Palmieri and his work at Discount Funding Associates shines through again. "As I work so closely with all of our lenders, I've been able to achieve a great deal of flexibility with them. This allows me to focus on the bottom line; helping you to use your home as an investment vehicle for the future. There are programs that offer a 1.5% pay rate. Through this program, it's very possible for you to payoff your home in 15 years with minimum payments. We've found a way to do the impossible, and we can make it work for many people day in and day out."

He explained that a loan that takes three weeks to process is not something he believes in. "We've streamlined our application procedures ensuring a smoother, quicker, route to closing your loan. It's a process that is virtually paperless and fast. Once the prospective borrower is willing to accept the terms set forth, the loan process begins" Palmieri stated. Dino goes on to explain further, "The first step is an interview that includes a credit evaluation which leads to pre-approval. After this phase, we move on to appraise the value of your home using a licensed independent appraiser in your locality. Once your loan to value (LTV) is determined, we will be able to provide a written commitment.

We maintain a platinum status, closing millions of dollars in loans monthly. This gives us tremendous strength with our lenders. It all translates into an easy and beneficial process for our clients." According to Mr. Palmieri, he always delivers the promise intended with absolutely no surprises. After speaking to a borrower that was leaving his office prior to our interview, we can honestly validate that claim.

Discount Funding Associates is currently licensed in NY, NJ, CT, PA, FL, MA, NH, IA, IN, IL, WY, CO, WA and AK.

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