Pssst...There is No Secret to Business Success

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Any of the dozens of business strategy books on the market today expound on their “secrets” to surviving in today's fast-paced and highly competitive market. One man is brave enough to stand up and say, "There is no secret!" Carlos Dias, a Florida-based multinational and multilingual consultant shares his thoughts and ideas freely, claiming that what's really needed is divergently strategic thinking, not cookie-cutter or business-as-usual approaches. Someone else's strategies are already outdated by the time you hear about them. "Use the force" could easily be Dias' tagline...

The business world today is awash with uncertainty. Increased competitive pressures and the rapidly changing market place makes long-term planning difficult, if not possible for many companies. Consequently, most companies turn to cost-cutting as their primary means of improving the bottom line.

Carlos Dias, a Florida-based international management and business consultant hopes to change all that, one business at a time. "Only one out of ten businesses understand how to create wealth for their business," he says. Dias admits that a large part of his job involves educating his clients about what really makes business work in our dynamic and chaotic business climate. He admonishes those who look for a quick fix, magic bullet, or special secret to success. "There isn’t any secret," he says. "Businesses have to learn how to think and act not just strategically, but strategic in a way that clearly sets them apart from their competition."

While there isn't a secret, there is a methodology and system that can be learned by anyone. On his newly revamped web site (, Dias emphasizes education over sales. "I've got to walk my talk," Dias adds. "Therefore, I made my new web site highly informational in nature. I've provided informative (some may say 'long') web copy, articles and a free electronic book that explains in detail how a business can think and act strategically."

Perhaps the days of the old consulting model are finally over. Rather than tell his clients what they should do, he walks them through a divergent strategic thinking process in which they use their knowledge, skills, talents and experience to develop a living strategy. Dias says that he wants not only to teach his clients how to fish, he wants to give them the tools to find the best fishing holes with the biggest fish – not once, but repeatedly as the market changes.

Does he provide too much information on his web site? "No, I don't believe so," Dias explains. "Having well-educated clients who understand that they must continuously create uniquely perceived value in their market are the best people to work with. I love what I do, and I especially enjoy working with others who are as excited as I am about long-term wealth creation."

It seems appropriate that Dias' new web site is released in conjunction with Star Wars Episode III. To defeat the dark side of stagnation or business-as-usual, Dias educates his clients on "using the force"; that is, the knowledge and experience that already exists within their organization. To win, they must think strategically, and divergently.

Carlos Dias is a former Multinational CEO, a successful entrepreneur, multicultural business consultant, speaker, author, coach, mentor, devoted father, colleague, and friend. He began his professional career with Adidas, becoming their Director of the Latin American Division. He specializes in executing strategies for companies who want to expand into American or Latin American markets. He has trained thousands of executives in leadership effectiveness and Divergent Strategic Thinking.

For more information, visit Carlos Dias' new web site at (in English AND Spanish), or contact Sid Smith at 503-287-0246 or

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