Nethercomm Corporation Positioned to Build Strategic Alliances with the Key Providers of Broadband Services in Changing the World of Broadcast through Broadband-In-Gas

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Nethercomm Corporation, the leading innovator of subterranean broadband communications is delivering the next generation of broadband services to end users by developing key strategic relationships in the broadband and natural gas distribution industries. When it comes down to it, the future of entertainment and information delivery will be defined as the first technology that can adequately deliver speedy, cost-effective and easily accessible broadband

Nethercomm’s vision is simple. Realization of Broadband-in-Gas enabled networks accessing content and services at 1 to 10 gigabits per second for homes and 10 to 100 gigabits per second for businesses. Rather than seeking out the monopolistic positions that have plagued the broadband industry, Nethercomm is opening the floodgates of broadband services by working directly with key broadband and gas industry leaders, and together plan to provide a comprehensive suite of broadband services freed of today’s bottleneck in the last-mile by BiG technology. Nethercomm plans to structure these alliances such that the cost of broadband and HDTV services will be driven down even below the price of today’s dial-up services. Nethercomm believes that in forming these alliances, the cost of broadband will be driven down, while increasing the available bandwidth and overall accessibility to ultra high-speed broadband connectivity of unprecedented levels.

The race is on – and the race will be won by Broadband-in-Gas (BiG) technology delivering twice the connectivity of fiber-optics (40 to 100 Mbps for Broadband-in-Gas versus 20 Mbps for fiber) at essentially the same installed cost per customer as DSL (about a tenth of the installed cost per customer for fiber to the home). The owner of the last-mile of the network will be the irrevocable champion of the broadband business. Nethercomm owns the right to the intellectual property portfolio which encompasses the Broadband-in-Gas (BiG) industry and is employing is rights to make broadband as common as any other public utility. Nethercomm plans to embrace partners willing to advance us as we advance them. The question in our mind isn’t whether BiG will win in the market, but instead, who will create and capture the value of it?

Nethercomm’s technology includes the networks, systems and devices that allow any gas utility to add to their offering by delivering broadband services simultaneously with natural gas delivery. By carrying enormous amounts of data through the gas pipeline, as opposed to over the air, we can give every end-user virtually unlimited access to content and services, and in doing so, we can transform the market through our strategic alliances and partners, giving broadband service providers a very good reason to join us rather than compete against us.

In a recent article published by Forbes, research analyst Joseph Laszlo of Jupiter Research offered an observation which is indicative of the broadband industries monopoly mind-set. Laszlo said that “More than 85% of U.S. households have cable modem or DSL service available to them” and he added, “so, it doesn't make sense for a utility to spend the money to deploy broadband over gas pipelines”. “The facts quoted by Laszlo are indisputable but, his conclusions are embarrassingly wrong” said Ann Nunally, President of Nethercomm. She added “the fact that a Ferrari dealership is just around the corner from your home has absolutely nothing to do with your ability to actually purchase one. Nethercomm is not offering Broadband-in-Gas as a late entrant into a game already won by the Cable/DSL monopolies. Nethercomm’s Broadband-in-Gas technology has truly trumped those monopolies of broadband delivery today, by not only providing the current broadband services but much more including hundreds of HDTV channels, a service which is far out of reach of today’s broadband providers. This breakthrough technology is impressive, some would even say down right impossible. Broadband-in-Gas is real, the technology is rock solid, and will ultimately takes today’s broadband to the next level. We are looking for the right partners and alliances to join us in taking this revolutionary technology into the future”.

Nethercomm’s technology encompasses the method of transceiving broadband signals, where ultra-wideband communications comprise the transmission format of the data signal, such that the signal can be provided at a relatively high power level while not generating substantial heat (thus not igniting the natural gas within the gas line distribution network and not radiating spectral energy sufficient to interfere with FCC requirements; augmented by the fact that gas lines generally must be buried to a known depth within most communities and hence are inherently shielded by ground – literally).

Nethercomm is a private Delaware Corporation, developing innovative and proprietary communication technologies for the fast-growing broadband and wireless markets. The company’s portfolio of patents encompasses what is believed to be the fundamental subterranean broadband communications and includes additional patents pending to protect its technologies and architectures.

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