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The new name of excellenceÂ?

Since 2001, Ringz & Partners Entertainment Group has been establishing the RPEG brand and logo through their global capabilities and earning serious notoriety as an entertainment industry empire. RPEG has become home to over 1,200 professionals in over 45 countries by providing the outstanding levels of tours & booking, management, representation, and publicity their successful clients have come to expect.

One client, the legendary producer and pioneering member of the Wu-Tang Clan, RZA, states, “I teamed up with RPEG for n. e. representation and international business assistance in late 2002 when the company took on their first job which was an impressive world tour no other hip-hop artist had done before. I've been working with RPEG ever since on various projects ranging from productions to tours to network solutions and media relations. They’re an ambitious bunch that doesn’t know any limits and have certainly added their expertise to my work. RPEG is definitely the type of company you need on your team, next to your managers, to stretch your limits even further.”

Another world-renowned client of RPEG is Dr. Dre's new Aftermath protégé producer FOCUS, who says, “I met Cilvaringz [RPEG Chairman] through an Aftermath webmaster and helped him get some of his artists’ work to Dr. Dre. Ringz basically felt he wanted to do something in return and offered to handle my representation. I like it when someone is motivated like the staff at RPEG is. [A] few days after our agreement, my name was popping up on MTV and many various websites and media outlets reaching millions all over the world in different continents. See I’ve worked with many successful artists such as Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Destiny’s Child, The Game and many more before, but never really got the attention I deserved. With Dr. Dre on my side now, and RPEG representing my work, I’m confident of many successful years to come.”

The top Arabic hip-hop artist in the world and RPEG client, Salah Edin comments, “When I joined the company for exclusive management in 2004, my career took off rapidly. Promotion & Marketing plans were successfully adjusted to the norms and standards of international exposure, I went on to perform in over 18 countries generating an enormous buzz, my website [ increased rapidly in number of visitors and [promoted] my name throughout the entire world. RPEG is definitely a company that focuses on exploiting an artist the best way possible.”

The internationally famed DJ Sueside adds, "I have had the pleasure to perform and promote my work in over 37 countries and that's all basically due to the RPEG company I signed with in their early days. It made me Europe's leading hip-hop/R&B DJ in most international performances and it motivates me to see how hard they work."

Their international services are ideal for providing effective booking for entertainment acts, flawless management and representation of world-renowned artists and producers, and prominent, strategic international publicity.

RPEG publicist, Jonathan Hay relates, “I just recently jumped on the Ringz & Partners Entertainment Group train and there’s been no stopping or jumping off this track. RPEG is a highly aggressive and exceedingly professional firm, which makes me feel right at home. It’s definitely an honor to be affiliated with RPEG who's clients include RZA, who has produced a legacy for over a decade and done everything from launching the first successful hip-hop clothing line to major motion [picture] scores such as Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill 1 & 2 and Wesley Snipe's Blade Trinity. Right now, our client FOCUS is getting prepared to go into the studio with Dr. Dre to work on the Detox record, which, I may add, is one of the most highly anticipated records in the history of music!"

Cilvaringz, member of the Wu-Tang Clan family and founder of Ringz & Partners Entertainment Group, explains, “RZA signed me in 1999 not only as an artist and producer, but also as the entrepreneur he saw in me. He took a big risk giving me the chance to set up his world tour, something I had never ever done in life before. But I grew from having no contacts at all to having an internationally acclaimed network and eventually managed to set up sold out performances in more countries than any hip-hop artist had ever toured in history. Setting up my company was vital to my career in many ways and having the trust of world renowned artists and producers such as Aftermath’s Focus, or RZA or even Arabic hip-hop star Salah Edin, motivates me to keep expanding our services and work hard on exploiting our clients to the world, whether they're well established or new to the game.”

Ringz & Partners Entertainment Group is a solid foundation for any artist seeking international superstardom. Their cutting edge business strategies and a dominating presence have characterized RPEG as the active forefront of powerhouse entertainment firms.

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