QXSystems Announces Launch of WorkACE to Enable Global Enterprises to Build True Virtual Working Communities to Take Advantage of Their Global Knowledge Base

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WorkACE Provides Knowledge Workers with Unlimited Access to Business Information, Reduces Overall IT Communications Costs and Increases Enterprise Productivity

QXSystems, a Global Business- and ICT consulting company, today announced availability of WorkACE, a platform solution to build a complete, mobile and totally Virtual Working Community (VWC) in order to master and facilitate business processes, workflows and knowledge across a global enterprise.

According to Gartner Research, it’s critical that today’s global enterprises recognize that their current workers are essentially overloaded with incompatible communications tools that do not provide any perspective on workflows or businesses processes. WorkACE overcomes these legacy systems and delivers virtual working communities that add value to the organization through increased productivity and lower IT and operational costs. A detailed White Paper outlining the benefits of the WorkACE solution is available at no cost at: http://www.qxsys.com/docs/WorkACE_2.0.pdf

In response to the Gartner report, WorkACE enables global enterprise organizations to create Virtual Working Communities for their knowledge workers across platforms and activities, regardless of geography, time zone, department or job function. By creating a virtual working environment where all business knowledge is transparent and transferable across the enterprise, WorkACE creates virtual working communities with real inherent value for cost-conscious global enterprises.

Dr. Petri I. Salonen, CEO of QXSystems, adds, “Innovation within companies will be a result of horizontal collaboration among different departments and teams across the globe and this type of collaboration requires completely new skills.” Dr. Salonen continues: “this is where WorkACE enables organizations to collaborate whether it is internal teams, external teams like customers, suppliers and other parties, regardless of geography.”

While today’s organizations are already using e-mail, instant messaging, document sharing and other online communication tools to share knowledge, they are not realizing productivity gains due to the cost in infrastructure and manpower to manage an array of solutions. Further, communications are not well documented and knowledge is either lost or stored in separate data silos without ready access to business processes and cross-functional teams or executives.

WorkACE represents the next-generation of enterprise knowledge management by creating a secure virtual working community and single access point for knowledge sharing, collaboration and information retrieval to the enterprise, thus eliminating data silos that do not share business process or information within separate departments.

WorkACE eliminates unnecessary communications costs and increases overall productivity by reorganizing enterprise IT knowledge infrastructure into a virtual space that is integrated and remains consistent across platforms, regardless of knowledge owner or task. Therefore workers in the same building, across town, or in far-flung global operations such as manufacturing plants in China or IT centers in India, as well as corporate executives accessing data on a myriad of mobile devises can all share the same knowledge and mission critical data, while pushing down overall IT communications costs and raising enterprise productivity rates.

“Companies are becoming global and the location of headquarters is becoming more and more irrelevant and this is challenging for traditional enterprise software vendors as the requirements of the solution has to enable virtual, mobile and global working for different interest groups and communities,” said Dr. Salonen.

The world is getting flat and globalization has led to a new business model, where people are networked around the world. In Thomas Friedman’s book The World is Flat, we see it is now possible to collaborate and compete in real time with more people on more different kinds of work from more different corners of the planet and on a more equal footing than at any previous time in the history of the world, added Dr. Salonen. “Organizations that do not evolve to a flat world environment will, like the dinosaurs become extinct. WorkACE provides these organizations with a new DNA in order to evolve their business processes into a VWC.”

About WorkACE

WorkACE is the foundation that global, mobile and virtual organizations use to build true VWCs to take advantage of their entire global knowledge base and infrastructure investments. WorkACE replaces a wide array of IT infrastructure, allowing organizations to save resources by streamlining processes, re-purposing existing resources and eliminating redundant systems. WorkACE provides customers with a powerful set of collaboration tools to reach organizational stakeholders, both internal and external. WorkACE is platform independent

WorkACE is engineered to provide the following benefits – a singularly integrated virtual facility platform; virtual, mobile and global access; flexible security that provides for open or closed environment (or combination of both); easy installation and maintenance; process transparency and history; and communities based on practice. By removing inefficiencies in the supply chain, creating substantial savings on training, consolidating procurement of travel and other necessities, WorkACE leads to clear cost savings across many areas.

A detailed White Paper outlining the benefits of the WorkACE solution is available at no cost at: http://www.qxsys.com/docs/WorkACE_2.0.pdf

About QXSystems

QXSystems has built its own global business on the WorkACE platform, which has made the company more than 100% more efficient than other IT firms in terms of productivity, global production and cost savings.

QXSystems offers a unique collaborative Virtual Working Community platform for managing enterprise business processes centrally, in one easily accessible place - online. The company was founded by Mr. Johan M. Karlstedt, a visionary who invented the QXS philosophy, which is radically changing the perception of many business leaders about running and building Knowledge Age businesses. QXSystems practices the QXS philosophy which can improve the success factor of any company on a continuous basis. The QXS-formula says that the level of success that any person or organization can achieve at any specific moment is set by the level of his Q, X and S multiplied by each other: Q*X*S = success, where Q equals level of quality, X equals level of eXcellence and S equals level of success.

For more info, visit http://www.qxsys.com.

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