Arizona Governor's Race 2006 - 37% Previous Supporters Likely to Abandon Democrat Governor

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Democrat Governor Janet Napolitano's Serial Vetoing Not Reflecting Arizona Family Values. 37% Of 2002 Napolitano Voters Likely To Abandon Democrats Camp In 2006. One of the nation's leading brand researchers released the partial results of the Arizona Governor Â?Candidate Brand DNAÂ? research today. John P. Hoeppner, president of NameQuest, noted, Â?Although Governor Napolitano (D) is reported to have job approval ratings approaching 60%, more substantive research indicates a significant weakness as a 2006 gubernatorial candidate.Â?

One of the nations leading brand researchers believes that Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano does not have the “Candidate Brand DNA” necessary to win re-election in 2006.

“History teaches that politicians are supposed to mirror their constituents,” says John Hoeppner president of NameQuest, Inc ( However, “Candidate Brand DNA” research conducted earlier this month provides evidence that when Arizona voters look into the Governors mirror they don’t necessarily like what they see.

John Hoeppner, a twenty-one year Cave Creek resident, community activist and noted brand researcher developed a proprietary research method to study Brand DNA or the inherent characteristics a product, service or in this case a candidate brand must have in order to thrive. Hoeppner developed DNA methodology for his company’s Fortune 500 clientele.

The primary objective of the “Candidate Brand DNA” study is to go beyond one-dimensional job approval tracking polls. Hoeppner wanted to understand what Arizona voters are truly feeling. Hoeppner believes that political job approval tracking polls are more reflective of public relations propaganda rather than voters actual thoughts.

“Someone calls you up on the telephone and asks you how the Governor is doing and you say okay. Voters today are time-famished and are working too hard paying bills and taking care of their families to scrutinize the Governors daily actions,” says Hoeppner.

The “Candidate Brand DNA” study used recent newspaper story headlines from around the state outing Democrat Governor Napolitano’s liberal record including her debut as a newsmaker and lawyer representing Anita Hill in the unsuccessful sexual harassment action against Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

John Hoeppner a non-politician Republican became (as he refers to himself) the “guinea-pig” or the experimental subject in this study. Hoeppner as an opposing gubernatorial candidate outlined his community leadership, conservative family values, pro-business advocacy, school choice support, NRA membership, support of the Minuteman Project and strong advocacy for border control. Recent Arizona newspaper story headlines and published letters by Hoeppner were used in the study suggestive of his advocacy for improving Homeland Security in Arizona and strong concern about illegal immigration and border control issues. National and international business news story headlines involving Hoeppner as a leading brand researcher were used suggesting his support of business, low taxes and job creation.

Hoeppner’s debut as a newsmaker was as a member of and a spokesperson for the Cave Creek Incorporating Committee in 1985-86 and later as the leader of large coalition of NE Valley citizens, including municipal governments and school district that fought the FAA over unnecessary changes in flight routes from 2001 to 2003.

Candidate Hoeppner? “Before this research I had not thought seriously about running for public office. Now I am thinking – can Arizona stand four more years of Napolitan-o-veto?” - commented John Hoeppner.

Dowload Attachments - Charts / Methodology Complete Report Will Be Released In June.

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