TatAD.com Makes History: New Billboards that Talk - SkyBar Vancouver Hosts Media Event to Showcase this Advertising Breakthrough

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TatAD.com is a guerilla marketing advertising agency that looks for new and innovative ways to get companies international media attention that dramatically increase sales. The company's latest invention, "billboards that talk" has revolutionized the entire advertising industry worldwide.

Just when the world thought they had seen every type of advertising concept, from radio, television, print, internet, transit, billboards and even designer labels, TatAD.com a Vancouver Guerilla Marketing Advertising Agency has made history with talking billboards.

Mark Chadwick 28 and Darren Little 40, both from Vancouver, British Columbia, have developed the next generation in advertising: NEW Billboards with voices. How does that work one might ask, that a billboard can actually have a voice? Well it’s true and TatAD.com has done it.

Chadwick came up with idea and partnered up with marketing wizard Darren Little to develop the latest craze in advertising: Billboards that TALK. These are not your regular billboards either, they can actually move and carry on conversation with the consumer.

Having been in the advertising industry for over 20 years, Little became frustrated with the exorbitant cost of media space as he was facilitating media buys for his clients. “You would think that a well thought out creative campaign and the right copy would get the consumer to take action” said Little “but I have often seen companies burn through hundreds of thousands of dollars in media buys and in the end never generate enough sales to even pay for the cost of the Ads”.

Little and Chadwick met one day and began discussing how effective it would be if a Billboard could actually talk to a prospective client. “Imagine if it could actually be targeted to a specific demographic and psychographic region” Little stated to Chadwick, in an elaborate conversation, that finally led to the development and launch of TaAD.com and the world’s first talking billboards.

The company now has 1500 talking billboards strategically placed in regions around the globe. These are not printed billboards, they are Human Billboards and TatAD.com is now “changing the face” of advertising as we know it today.

TatAD.com is the World’s First Human Billboard Advertising Agency. Each member must submit an extensive demographic and psychographic profile on themselves in addition to photos.

“Typically, people are loyal to certain brand names” says Chadwick. “Ff they go into a store and their specific brand name is not available, they leave. These are the type of people that we have in our database.”

TatAD.com matches these members with the specific brands that they already love. Corporations can submit their logos to the Company for a fee. The logos are sent out to TatAD’s entire database and from the responses that come back the corporation can choose the specific billboard that best suits their target market.

What makes this type of advertising so unique? Each billboard has a voice. Companies commit to contracted media buys on these individuals through; either temporary tattoos, permanent tattoos, or clothing, depending on each of the customer’s levels of commitment to that specific brand name.

Since TatAD’s launch in November of 2004, surprisingly, all 1500 members want to be permanently branded with various brand names. In its initial test marketing phases, TatAD has completed permanent branding for Orca Bay Suzuki, Thomas Lynch Fashions, GoldenPalace.com, AbsolutePoker.com, Shocker Clothing, TheCabins.ca and Sudden Impact Promotional Products and extreme Bartending.

Desi Evans, General Manager from Orca Bay Suzuki stated “The concept of a TatAD promoter has proven to be one of the best marketing concepts that we have ever done. In fact, since we implemented this TatAD promotion our sales in a specific region have increased by over 400% after only 6 months. TatAD found Orca Bay Suzuki a promoter named Kodie Love, who has been a Suzuki fanatic since he was 8 years old. The results have been amazing!”

Love owns a Suzuki motorcycle, a Suzuki car, 2 Suzuki ATV’s and all of the merchandise and equipment to go along with it. On December 11th, 2004, Kodie was branded with the Orca Bay Suzuki logo on his wrist and proudly displays it everywhere he goes.

Love claims that he gets asked about his TatAD at least 20 times a day, which has resulted in numerous sales for Orca Bay Suzuki. Evans claims that the TatAD concept is the best media buy: for value and return on investment that the Company has ever come across.

TatAd.com will be showcasing its concept of talking billboards at Vancouver’s most exclusive nightclub venue, SKYBAR on Thursday May 26th. The press will have an opportunity to talk to the founders of TatAD.com as well as a number of TatAD promoters and clients.

The event is scheduled to be “Vancouver’s Hottest Advertising Party” with performances from Over the Influence Productions, Bogueart Entertainment, Checkmate and Concise, and Cory Lee, recently signed to SEXTON/EMI records.

Also speaking at the event will be Executive Vice President and Founder, David Nichols, from http://www.INVENTAWORLD.com.

TatAD.com is a guerilla marketing advertising agency that creates new and innovative ways to get companies international media attention that dramatically increase sales.

TatAD.com is a cutting edge marketing website with an international database of members, athletes and celebrities who are willing to promote companies they are fond of by either wearing corporate merchandise, or tattooing the company’s logo onto their bodies in temporary or permanent form. They are committed to showing or talking about the logo and the company to general or targeted people in order to create word of mouth advertising for the companies they promote.


For more information on TatAD’s talking billboards contact Mark Chadwick at 604-628-7701.

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