Have You Ever Thought...I Need More Customers? Then Think "52 Great Weeks" by Nightingale Conant "Acres of Diamonds" Award Winner, Deremiah, *CPE

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"52 Great Weeks to Unforgettable, Inspirational Service" will provide you with some money-making secrets by Customer Relationship Genius Deremiah, *CPE. His book will teach you the principles to getting, keeping and increasing your customers. Deremiah's principles have helped many business women and men all over the world as he offers easy instructions on how to serve your customers so well your customers tell everybody they know about you. Well Deremiah, *CPE, has put all the answers in his new book just for you.

Deremiah, *CPE, has written a very important book about customer service that has recently obtained the endorsement of Best-selling author & speaker Nido Qubein. Right now he’s lining up Distribution From Chicago for a book that won't be hitting the stores due to a new design by the award-winning speaker/artist. His book is called “52 Great Weeks”, To Unforgettable, Inspirational Customer Service. Deremiah, *CPE, is one of the top 25 Marketing Experts out of over 10,000 on Marketing Profs a leading online marketing organization that offers professional advice through its professionals/professors. This Nightingale Conant shooting star who is an amazing speaker and advocate for children at-risk has been featured in the Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun-Times, Dallas Morning News and a host of other newspapers, magazines and online news services. What makes one of Chicago’s poorest housing projects alumni so special is that against all odds Deremiah, *CPE, fought his way out of the ghetto to become a Nightingale Conant “Acres of Diamonds” award winner.

The hidden secrets in this book will show you how to develop and use three kinds of power to turn an angry customer into a happy one. You will also learn the key qualities of giving GREAT Customer Service, how to stay up beat, smile, encourage, listen and motivate your Client, How to plan, prepare and position yourself to Out-SERVE your greatest competition, How to apply special strategies and techniques only known to a Master *Customer Passion Evangelist. You'll also learn what very few customer service representatives know about handling their Customers with love including how to totally once and for all get rid of buyers remorse & eliminate client's regrets. Soon enough you'll know how to retain Customers when you master the knowledge of how to apply the PASSIONIZE system while increasing your income by improving Customer relationships. Finally you will learn what has taken Deremiah, *CPE, thorough training and years of practice to learn how to apply.

SUMMARY: A brief description of the book: The Truth About Deremiah, *CPE's, 52 "Great Weeks" to Unforgettable Inspirational Customer Service! This book is a handbook for readers who already have a basic understanding of working with customers and are now ready to learn how to launch a customer service mission. The goal is to regain and retain as you secure new customer relationships. Each page has been simplified for the business entrepreneur, executive or employee who is extremely busy but wants a jewel of an idea that will provide the fuel for better customer relationships. Providing the reader with a principle focus for the week saves them time, effort and money. For those who have more time the handbook is an ideal quick read that will make it easy to go through the book and pick up the same key principles that took Deremiah, *CPE from the last place employee to one of the top ten people in the SBC SecurityLink from Ameritech corporation. The book contains 52 short and simple action steps for the reader. These action steps are easy to grasp and easy to implement. Each action step is a powerful principle that gives the reader something simple to focus on with any of their clients for 52 weeks.

Book Forward:

Dr. Myles Munroe, who has called this book a classic, has done the forward for the book. Here are a few lines from the forward done by Dr. Munroe…

“All business is about meeting needs. Every need is a potential business and the meeting of that need is the birth of a business. All companies in the marketplace fail or succeed based on their ability to effectively meet those needs. Some companies have developed effective programs and corporate cultures that effectively meet the needs of their customs. It is these companies that develop the benefit of long term customer base that is the foundation of successful and profitable business commerce.

However, if the meeting of the needs of the customer is the key to a successful business, then the development, refinement, and maintenance of a service program that effectively and efficiently meet the needs or perceived needs of the customer, is imperative for the success and profitability of all companies and business ventures.

Deremiah, *CPE, in this work, " 52 Great Week’s to Unforgettable Inspirational Service" provides a tremendous contribution to the body of knowledge and wisdom available to companies, civic and service organizations, trainers, human resource development programs, and non-profit organizations. In his simple yet profound way, Deremiah, *CPE, leaps over complicated formulas and theories, delivering practical insights for the individual involved in customer relations.

This book is destined to become a classic filled with practical principles guaranteed to inspire, motivate, challenge, excite, rally and equip your service team to create life-long customers. Deremiah, *CPE, is specially gifted with ability to communicate these time tested ideas in a way that captures the heart of the reader. I highly recommend this book for the manager, supervisor, CEO, executive, teacher, pastor, and leader in any discipline. I believe if you apply the precepts in this book you will truly see that it may only take 52 weeks to make you company or organization the successful one you only dreamt of. Read and explore the treasure hidden within these pages. See you at the Top." Dr. Myles Munroe.

If you are interested in the soon to be released book send information to *CPE, Attn: Deremiah, *CPE, 41W400 Silverglen Road, St. Charles, IL, 60175 and receive a free discount coupon by email when you list your email address.

PRWEB Makes It Happen

Deremiah, *CPE’s, PRWEB releases have been picked up by over 5,161 media outlets. The releases have received well over 321,146 hits and were viewed on an unbelievable amount of websites. More than we have time to name. This leads us to believe that Deremiah's information has been well received. Read all three of them now and tell someone the book 52, Great Weeks to Unforgettable Inspirational Service is coming.http://www.prweb.com/releases/2004/5/prweb124732.php
http://www.prweb.com/releases/2004/4/prweb117655.htm. (click here) http://www.emediawire.com/releases/2004/4/emw121009.htm (click here)

Deremiah, *CPE, The Artist is Multi-talented

The multi-talented Renaissance entrepreneur/artist has written over 6000 songs. Deremiah has done major Art exhibitions of his paintings and drawings in the Museum of Science & Industry and other major galleries.

What makes Deremiah, *CPE, so unique?

Deremiah, *CPE, has a unique philosophy that includes the development of his mind, body and soul. He has a work out regimen of running, weight training, combined with singing, praying and meditation. At least several times a day he grabs his book and journals. He reads anywhere from 5-10 Internet newsletters. Does a daily dictionary search of up to 8 words. Deremiah reads at the very least up to 1.5 hours a day while most days he engages in reading up to 2-3 hours and sometimes all day on a weekend. Whenever you see him he's always reading a new book. The books he reads go from business and marketing to religion and health. He has some amazing friends and mentors that are some of this countries top speakers and authors. Deremiah, *CPE, creates customized motivational speaking presentations that he pours anywhere from 40-80 hours worth of observation, research, review and verbal repetition into.

Learn how to make a comeback.

Deremiah, *CPE tells you how to overcome the negative by focusing on the intricate steps to building character. He can teach you "How To Make A Comeback" in a world where it appears you have nothing to get back. Successfully motivating crowds of people who have been knocked down but not out by life Deremiah, *CPE, encourages them to get up again and again and again when it seems there is nothing to live for. We believe this is why Deremiah, *CPE is in such tremendous demand. He gets results and you can read his endorsements by some of the leading thinkers, authors and speakers of our times.

The Speaker Writes

Deremiah, *CPE, writes articles about Customer Service, Sales and Marketing. He has done newspaper, magazine, radio and television interviews. Call him now at (847) 917-0962. That's what radio host Cheri Peters did and she not only walked away with a very moving radio interview she and Deremiah are teaming up to help hurting youth all across America.

More About "America's Leading Master of Human Potential":

Deremiah's "Life Changing" presentations have reached tens of thousands of men, women and children across the Will, Dupage, McHenry and Cook County areas in Illinois. From Kiwanis International to Junior Leagues and from Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce to Boys & Girls Clubs, Deremiah, *CPE, is an expert with answers for our youth at-risk in America. Because he has an open door to young people his sponsorship from corporate America is growing.

Robert Stuberg's Testimonial Raves about Deremiah, *CPE

Robert Stuberg, President of http://www.Stuberg.com, boasts: "Deremiah's Passion and desire to see people succeed is evident and his gifts as a speaker and motivator are endless. His mission to be a world leader by effectively changing peoples' lives for the better is extraordinary. You owe it to yourself to hear Deremiah, *CPE. He is both life-changing and inspirational."

Les Brown Endorses Deremiah, *CPE

"Deremiah has an amazing sensitivity for his audience and his ability to speak extemporaneously is powerful...People from all walks of life are being transformed by his words. Once you are exposed to his message your life will never be the same again."

Deremiah, *CPE, Provides Powerful Benefits

Deremiah, *CPE, gets these benefits for schools and even more benefits for companies he's consulted for: He is a leading expert at Creating positive edutainment and partnerships for corporations and schools through keynote presentations. His inspiration has been phenomenal and changing the lives of people is his daily mission in life. Deremiah, *CPE, has reached children and educational staff members so effectively that he is highly recruited by non-profit organizations and educational institutions who want a passionate presentation that's stimulating and full of energy.

To contact him about a comprehensive training program that transforms your staff into *Customer Passion Evangelist, contact him at (847) 917-0962.

His presentations are 100% guaranteed to meet the total satisfaction of the corporate group hiring him or he promises to return every dime no questions asked. He's never had to return one penny of his fee in the thousands of presentations he's done and no other speaker makes this offer to their clients. All of his presentations are consistently done on a timely manner with a professional attitude and exclusively designed for the organizations needs. Deremiah receives almost all of his business through referrals and recommendations. His inspiring presentations have opened the door for him to offer organizations and individuals personal training, coaching and consulting opportunities. His debut with Nightingale Conant is a tribute to his influence in the professional speaking industry. Speakers & Authors like Tom Peters, Robert Kiyosaki, David Bach, Jay Conrad Levinson, Joe Vitale and Jay Abraham have been featured on the Nightingale Conant banner.

As you know, Deremiah, *CPE’s, number one goal is to help you achieve more in your life than you ever dreamed possible! Deremiah wants to help you in every area of your life. With his million dollar ideas you can succeed physically, personally, spiritually, academically, financially and in your family life.

Deremiah, *CPE, (Formerly known as Deremiah Phillips and through out childhood often called “Derry Phillips” or “Butterball”), is endorsed by some of this countries leading authors, speakers and corporate trainers like:

Chicken Soup for the Soul's Co-author, Mark Victor Hansen, Nido Qubein, Ken Davis, Brian Tracy, Les Brown, Robert Stuberg, Dr. Myles Munroe and Glenna Salsbury.

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