A New Concept - Registered Car Vanity Plates for Sale - How much is Yours Worth?

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Registered personalized car Vanity Plates now have a value. http://www.GreatPlateExchange.com is a new auction based website to sell/buy and transfer registered car Vanity Plates. How much is your plate worth? How much would CHEVY64, TURBO or even any initials i.e. RB be worth in an open market?

http://www.GreatPlateExchange.Com is an online forum for the auctioning of Registered personalized license plates, also known as ‘vanity plates’. Initially attained for a nominal fee from a state’s Department of Motor Vehicles and maintained as “active” with the payment of small annual fees, a personalized plate identifies and individualizes one vehicle from another. Vanity plates are very popular, but because they are unique to an individual vehicle and cannot be duplicated or replicated in the same state, many of the most popular plates are already owned.

GreatPlateExchange.Com offers a patent pending, online auction service where owners with active vanity plates, can advertise and sell them for transfer to interested buyers. In a nation where people love their cars as much as we do, the value of a “good” plate (i.e. Chevy 64, Turbo, CUL8R, XCLR8, Name initials, Company names, statements, etc.) in an open market is endless. Surely this is the ultimate vehicle accessory!

Coming online Feb 01 of this year, GreatPlateExchange.Com is the first service in the United States specifically tailored to the selling and transfer of personalized vanity plates. Its website is simple, opening to a map of the fifty United States, each an individual market into which buyers and sellers enter according to their place of residence or car’s registration. Once inside the state site, a seller can advertise their personalized license plate with a suggested asking price; potential buyers enter the site and bid, auction-style, on available plates. The contact is directly between a seller and the potential buyers, with web assistance from GreatPlateExchange.Com available via email if needed. Once a transaction between buyer and seller is complete, only then are personal details exchanged and information given via DMV links to assist in the state’s plate transfer process.

GreatPlateExchange.Com offers us the ability to help personalize our vehicles in a whole new way. In addition, because vanity plates are each unique, they are also great to give as gifts, to use as advertisements, or to purchase as investments. The simplicity of the transfer process from one owner to another, coupled with the unprecedented option for people to choose their own license plate(s) from any and all possible selections makes the online arrival this particular auctioning service seem long overdue.

Richard Barnett, Founder of GreatPlateExchange.com.

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