Search Engine Marketing Technology Provider SEMphonic Offers Tools as Combined Online Solution to Bridge Gap between Web Marketing and Web Measurement

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MarketScan Keyword and MarkScan Analyzer allow search engine marketing professionals to find more rapidly bargain keywords and dramatically improve competitive analysis and reporting.

In early March 2005, SEMphonic tools administrated the campaign, extensively analyzing the campaign's performance and we implemented specific changes in April with our client's approval. These changes included bid adjustment, landing-page optimization, ad effectiveness analysis, and optimization.

Search engine technology provider SEMphonic today announced the availability of its MarketScan Keyword™ and MarketScan Analyzer™ tools in one online application to bridge the gap between web marketing and measurement for search engine marketing professionals. Both tools dramatically reduce the complexity and amount of time and effort needed with currently available means to execute SEM programs.

MarketScan Keyword is the first on-demand search engine marketing (SEM) tool to provide fully-automated competitive keyword discovery and ranking. MarketScan Analyzer has been specifically developed to overcome the traditional complexity with currently available tools by providing seamless transition from collection of keywords to robust competitive analysis and reporting.

MarketScan Keyword automates the comprehensive construction of your keyword list -- the most important element of any SEM program:

  • Five different patent pending techniques to create the best keyword list and timely reports about the search usage of every term
  • Easy three step implementation: enter your site, your competitors, your industry and go
  • Automatically collects every word and phrase of interest to you and your industry
  • Automatically generates a list of every term – including complex phrases
  • Advanced algorithms score every word and phrase by relevance to you
  • Allows for the efficient categorization, editing and classification of results
  • Provides rapid, accurate keyword assessment within a comprehensive keyword list covering every keyword and phrase likely to be of interest to a specific buyer

MarketScan Analyzer provides full automation of:

  • Rapid reporting of the competitive landscape
  • Tracking of every relevant search term
  • Statistical evaluation of overall SEM success
  • Immediate access to competitive ads
  • Rapid identification of market changes, gaps and opportunities

MarketScan Keyword and Analyzer also deliver high-performance tracking of your entire word-space including:

  • Word Search Usage
  • Organic Placement
  • PPC Placement
  • Automated Competitor Identification / Tracking
  • Automated Ad Tracking and Reporting
  • Identification of Buy Gaps
  • Identification of Keyword Opportunities
  • Automated Tracking of Competitive Changes
  • Adaptive Campaigns to Compete in Marketplace

In Summary, with MarketScan Keyword and MarketScan Analyzer, you can:

  • Quickly find, rank and track every relevant search term in your SEM space
  • Canvass your web site, your competitors, industry sites, and related news sites to build a complete vocabulary for your space
  • Rank every search term using advanced techniques to understand the relevance/search applicability of phrases
  • Generate and track a complete word-space, essential to optimizing SEO and Bid Management
  • Manage your SEM program with unique Competitive Reporting and a Rapid Response Mechanism

Both tools are available together at

During AD:TECH 2005 in San Francisco this Spring, SEMphonic announced two new customers that are already implementing MarketScan including Mediasmith, one of the largest independent media agencies; and Marshall Strategies, a design and strategy shop. Both customers have seen an immediate increase in efficiency, with a dramatic reduction in the time and effort during this critical first step in their SEM campaigns.

"Our Fortune 1000 clients were looking for more efficient methods and techniques for their search engine marketing practitioners to use in-house and asked if we could build a comprehensive search engine marketing and competitive measurement tool set," said Gary Angel, president and chief technology officer, SEMphonic. "After servicing these clients for over 8 years, we found that web analytics, which is our heritage, provided the key to the search engine marketing puzzle and are happy to offer two tools for the price of one that can better improve ongoing ROI for our customers.”

"We experienced immediate results for our client, a top real-estate investing intermediary specializing in investments structured for tax advantage, who are an aggressive advertiser on Google. At that time, they were managing a Google AdWords campaign for over a year. When we started using SEMphonic's MarketScan tool we saw an immediate 58% increase in the number of purchased keywords," states Celeste Bishop, president of Bishop Marketing Resources. "In early March 2005, SEMphonic tools administrated the campaign, extensively analyzing the campaign's performance and we implemented specific changes in April with our client's approval. These changes included bid adjustment, landing-page optimization, ad effectiveness analysis, and optimization." Bishop adds, "The effectiveness of our client's AdWords campaign increased significantly by every indicator as a result of these adjustments. In April we saw a 34% increase in clicks and a dramatic 70% increase in conversions, with only an 18% increase in spending and a 31% decrease in cost per conversion. These improvements in April continue to be sustained currently through May 15, and further optimization is planned to build on these successes."

About SEMphonic

For over 8 years, SEMphonic has been in the business of web analytics and competitive analysis. The company focus is to develop and deliver powerful search engine marketing (SEM) technology that dramatically increases effectiveness as well as reducing cost and complexity for SEM practitioners worldwide. SEMphonic is the maker of MarketScan Keyword and MarketScan Analyzer, powerful new subscription-based software that bridges the gap between web marketing and web measurement.

SEMphonic provides web analytics services and SEM tools that maximize the competitive edge for companies such as American Express, AOL, CyberTrader, Charles Schwab, Bishop Marketing Resources, Endless Pools, Hotwire, Intuit, Marshall Strategies, Media Smith and others. SEMphonic is headquartered in Novato, California. Visit us at for more information.

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