Hillary Clinton's Attacks on Women Uncovered in New Book

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As Hillary Clinton begins lining up support for the Iowa caucuses, the author of a new book denounces her role in threatening Bill's women. "She will do anything for political power."

As Hillary Rodham Clinton begins her campaign for the White House by courting voters in Iowa, the state whose caucuses signal the kick-off to the Presidential race, new charges have emerged that may sink the Senator's chances to return to the Oval Office. A controversial new book contends that Hillary played an active role in husband Bill Clinton's efforts to bribe, threaten, and intimidate the former objects of his desire who later became political nuisances.

Candice E. Jackson -- former Judicial Watch legal counsel and author of the new book "Their Lives: The Women Targeted by the Clinton Machine" (World Ahead Publishing, hardback; $25.95 US; ISBN 0974670138) -- writes that Hillary Clinton was not a victim of Bill's philandering. Instead, she makes the case that Hillary was an active partner who helped Bill wield his political power to attack the women who got in their way. The book is set to hit bookstore shelves on May 31, the same day as the paperback release of the former President's memoir "My Life."

"Hillary Clinton has shown over and over that she will do anything for political power," says Jackson. "She played an active role in helping her husband harass and intimidate the women who got in their way of their march to the top. Given her track record, women everywhere should be scared by the idea that Hillary may one day return to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

"Senator Clinton can't credibly claim to be ignorant about the attacks her husband leveled against the women linked to him," Jackson asserts. "Bill's people hired private investigators to intimidate ex-girlfriends, used bribery to try to silence key witnesses, and sent tough guys to scare women who had been subpoenaed. And through it all, Hillary was there, not just standing by her man but actively smearing these poor women in the media."

With speculation of the former First Lady's presidential candidacy rising in the wake of her recent invitation to key Iowa supporters to visit her home in Washington, DC, the explosive accusations in "Their Lives" are sure to play a key role in Hillary's political future. In fact, Clinton acolytes have already taken to national media outlets to denounce the author, who is a recovering victim of rape.

"Hillary and Bill have no qualms about attacking women who come forward to reveal the truth," says Jackson, who remains defiant in the face of continued Clintonian smears. "Even if they have thugs harass my family like they did to Gennifer Flowers, or send shadowy figures to approach me like they did to Kathleen Willey, it won't deter me. We have got to get to the bottom of what Hillary Clinton did to hurt these women before she tries to reclaim the White House."

About the Author:

Candice E. Jackson, a libertarian feminist, is an attorney and commentator from Los Angeles. She formerly worked for Judicial Watch, a public watchdog group, and is a graduate of Stanford University and Pepperdine Law School. A recovering victim of domestic assault, her articles have appeared in Reason magazine, The Independent Review, and other publications.

About World Ahead Publishing:

Headquartered in Los Angeles, World Ahead Publishing is the West Coast's premier publisher of conservative and libertarian books. Our growing coterie of authors share in our pro-freedom editorial ideals, and our fusionist perspective seeks to appeal to a broad audience by publishing books that advocate the free market, limited government, the protection of liberty through law, and a vigorous national defense.

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To interview Candice E. Jackson, contact Special Guests at (630) 848-0750.

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