Refreshbar Helps Stock Traders, ebay Traders, Developers, News Watchers to Refresh Websites Automatically

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Refreshbar, a tool that allows you to refresh your website at intervals you specify, reaches 2500 downloads from users all over the world. The most common uses include refreshing stock and auction websites, and keeping you logged in to your favorite sites.

Ever been in a situation where you are constantly hitting the refresh button? Thousands of internet users have.

Auction sites such as Ebay allow millions of people to trade daily. Many ebayers need to hit the refresh button constantly to monitor the latest bids on the items they are looking to purchase or sell. To help keep the latest information on the screen, they are using Refreshbar. A frequent Ebayer named Kevin said, "I have told all my friends about it. I will find out if they have ordered it, if not, I will persuade them to. It is such a wonderful program! I mainly use it for ebay and weather sites. I love it! Thanks."

The most active daytraders and online stock traders monitor numerous websites at the same time. Whether they are tracking stock prices or news websites, time is critical in this game. Refreshing the website automatically allows traders to view the critical information necessary to make quick decisions. Such information may save traders money, or make profits. David in England remarked, "With Refreshbar, I can now watch my stocks rise! or fall! Must be a good omen. You have done well creating this utility!"

Many websites automatically log you out due to inactivity. By activating Refreshbar, users stay logged in until they decide to log out. This saves them the hassle of having to log in again and again. This is a very popular use of Refreshbar.

Tracking blog, email and news sites is another favorite of Refreshbar users. By automatically refreshing the site, readers stay abreast of the latest information received or posted.

Finally, developers and site administrators use Refreshbar to always stay on top of development initiatives, site statistics and various projects that they are monitoring. Some administrators use Refreshbar to increase the number of hits on their site.

Refreshbar is available for free trial. If you need to refresh a website automatically, you may download a free trial at the website. Worry free, this application is simple, small, and has absolutely no spyware or adware or other products attached.

About Refreshbar

RefreshBar ( a simple plug-in that allows you to automatically refresh or reload any Web site at time intervals that you specify. By refreshing at regular intervals, it allows you to keep the most current information in front of you, and saves you the hassle of continuously hitting the refresh button. Most common uses of RefreshBar are for tracking prices and products on auction sites, refreshing to update stock prices, reloading message boards and blogs to see the most recent updates, auto-refreshing the inbox on your online email, and refreshing news sites to load the latest news. There is absolutely no spyware, no adware, and no spam associated with this product. RefreshBar does not interfere with any toolbars or plug-ins you may have installed. Complete uninstall is included. Also known as Refresh Bar or Refresh-Bar.

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