Ex-Hair Puller’s New Book, “What’s Wrong with Pulling My Hair out?” Offers Hope and Proven Relief for Trichotillomania Sufferers

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New Book, CD and Tele-workshops Share Breakthrough Answers and Methods for Healing Compulsive Hair-Pulling without Medication, Willpower or Diets

Ashley Fraser, 29, had literally pulled her hair out since the age of two. Her parents tried psychiatry, medication, hypnosis, behavior therapy and a host of other treatments to help their daughter stop her destructive behavior. Nothing worked until she came across a new healing model created by former 27-year hairpuller, Abby L. Rohrer. Today, with the help of Ms. Rohrer’s self-healing model, Ashley is finally “pull-free” and knows she is finished with the affliction forever thanks to the self-healing model detailed in Rohrer’s new book “What’s Wrong with Pulling My Hair Out?”

Long-time sufferers of Trichotillomania, a compulsive hair-pulling disorder, are finding hope, answers and guidance for healing their hair-pulling impulses in “What’s Wrong with Pulling My Hair Out?” (available both electronically or in hard copy), and CD written by Ms. Rohrer, an educational consultant and self-healing mentor.

As many as 11 million Americans are estimated to have Trichotillomania. People who suffer from the disorder are driven to pull hair from their scalps, eyelashes, eyebrows or other parts of their bodies. Many sufferers hide signs of their affliction by covering affected areas of the body with wigs, makeup, hats or clothing. As a result, hair-pullers often also suffer from silent shame.

“Abby Rohrer presents a passionate yet reasoned attempt to lead those plagued by addictive behavior to the only place where real recovery is possible: inside themselves,” says UCLA School of Medicine Associate Research Professor of Psychiatry and author (Brainlock) Dr. Jeffrey Schwartz, an international authority on obsessive-compulsive disorders.

“What’s Wrong with Pulling My Hair Out?” explores the cultural, personal, psychological and spiritual factors that contribute to Trichotillomania, and offers step-by-step lessons that address these issues and guide readers to permanently heal the self-destructive patterns characteristic of hair-pullers. This is the first resource of its kind that takes a comprehensive holistic approach to address and heal this disorder. Since its electronic publication last June, “What’s Wrong with Pulling My Hair Out?” has helped hair-pullers and their families across the world.

Ms. Rohrer has been teaching self-healing principles since 1995. The Facilitated Recovery™ Program, founded and lead by Ms. Rohrer, emerged from her personal experience of healing her own 27-year hair pulling compulsion. “I had tried a variety of therapies, human potential trainings, self-help books and much more. Nothing worked. Then, one day, I gave up looking for outside answers and began to focus on my relationship with myself. I not only discovered a new me, but a natural system for healing. As a result, I have been pull-free for eleven years,” explains Ms. Rohrer.

Through Facilitated Recovery Program techniques, Ms. Rohrer has taught others how to heal Trichotillomania, chronic depression, bulimia, compulsive overeating and more. Her work has delivered both results for her clients and praise from colleagues.

“Abby Rohrer has provided a combined sourcebook and workbook for people whose lives are disrupted by unhealthy addictions and their families and loved ones. She offers hope for full healing; a virtue seldom found in the recovery community. Her formula begins and ends with taking full responsibility for our own healing. Ms. Rohrer represents a new kind of healer, one who has walked in the shoes of the sufferer and knows both the pitfalls and what helps, first hand. This book is a “must read” for anyone who is in recovery,” claims Dr. Philip Kavanaugh, director of the Los Gatos Therapy Center in California and author of “Magnificent Addiction: Discovering Addiction as Gateway to Healing”.

For more information about the Facilitated Recovery™ Program and to order "What’s Wrong with Pulling My Hair Out?" visit http://www.123TrichotillomaniaFree.com or http://www.StopHairpulling.com Or call 303-546-0788 or write: Facilitated Recovery, LLC, PO Box 19392, Boulder, CO 80308.

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