Introducing Freely Available RSS Feeds For Fresh, Updated Content On Your Site, and You Never Have to Write A Single Word Of It

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Attention affiliate marketers, search engine marketers & Web masters, or anyone who wants more Web site traffic.

What is the SuperFeedSystem? In technical terms, the SuperFeedSystem is a Data Feed Translator. The SuperFeedSystem can gobble up any form of Syndicated Content (RSS, XML, HTML, FTP, SSI, etc) as well as Comma Separated Values Files and Excel Work Sheets, and translate it into or onto a Web page.

Let’s take an example of how this works in the real world:

There are literally thousands of RSS (Real Simple Syndication) feeds floating around on the internet. RSS Feeds are simply data streams that contain content. That content can come from many different sources including, journalists, news agencies, press releases, corporate communications, retail communications, blogs and Web sites. In fact, there are roughly 4 million different RSS Feeds available.

In our example, let’s say that we wanted to find a Data Stream that has news about sports. After about 25 seconds of searching, you find a very nice Feed that contains the latest sporting news from a very well-respected source. What’s in that feed? News from last night’s game, the latest player drafts and trades, TV and radio schedules for games–practically everything that a sports fan might be interested in.

Are you allowed to get that feed? Yes! In fact, RSS is designed to make the distribution of any form of content easy. The reason that an author, news organization or corporation’s content is syndicated is because they want other people to subscribe and post that syndication. If they didn’t want it out on the web, they wouldn’t syndicate it! So we use it.

SuperFeedSystem easily puts syndicated content directly onto your site. We put the URL of the Sports Feed into the SuperFeedSystem and in just seconds the SuperFeedSystem changes that RSS code into…human and spider-friendly static HTML.

Why is this important? You’ll soon see. Now, armed with that sports content, you place it onto your site. Why? Maybe because your site sells sports collectibles. Do you think that a visitor to your site that’s interested in basketball jerseys might also be interested in who just got traded to the Lakers? Absolutely!

And what if the Sports Feed that’s displayed on your site was to change every single day? Do you think that you might get that visitor back to your site once in a while? What if that visitor even book-marked your site? Do you have any sites that have good content book marked?

That’s the ultimate conversion event – a visitor book-marking your eCommerce site because you have regularly updated, fresh, and relevant content for them to see every time they visit. That’s a powerful way to increase your visitor value. More Visits = More sales. Duh.

What about getting the visitor to your site in the first place? SuperFeedSystem was developed to get the search engines' attention, but in a good way. We didn’t forget about the “Traffic” part of the formula. The Holy Grail of traffic comes in the form of “Free Traffic”, and free traffic comes from the Organic Search Engines. You know the names of the big three already: Google, Yahoo, and MSN.

Yet, I personally know hundreds of people who are flat-out disgusted with their inability to get good rankings in the search engines. No matter what they try, no matter how many keywords they count, what density they use, or how clever their Meta tags are, they are no closer to having a good ranking than they were when their site first came online.

Even folks who are doing it “the right way,” spending quality time getting great incoming links, working on their internal site structure to make sure it passes the correct page reputation, even paying for submission into powerful directories, they’re still bamboozled by their rankings or lack of.

Let me ask you a question. Once you created your site, and I mean completely finished it, what did you do? You probably left it alone to rot. Maybe you got a few sales and figured “What the heck, it’s working, and if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.”

I’m amazed how many sites (especially affiliate and eCommerce sites) are just left to collect dust once they’re created. (I’m Guilty, too.)

Here’s another question. You’ve been to Wal-Mart, or Target, or Sears, right? I’ll bet you that not two weeks go by where one of those stores doesn’t change their sales message at least once.

Why? Because the marketing execs of these companies know that when you walk by their store, if they can make it seem like they have something new and exciting to offer you then you’ll come in, stay longer, and buy more.

“Freshness” – it’s still a buzz word in the advertising world, and for good reason.

Coke a Cola hasn’t really changed what it’s made out of for the last 10 years, but they are constantly grinding out commercial after commercial to remind you that “Coke is it”.

What’s the point? The search engines, they like fresh content, too. gives your site what search engines technology wants.


Hector Jimenez



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