Unclean Food: Does Milk Harbor An Infectious Bacterium?

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Is all of humanity infected with a stealth bacterium, hidden in a milk carton, that doesnÂ?t cause symptoms or disease till years after infection, and then gives rise to CrohnÂ?s, ParkinsonÂ?s and many other diseases?

There is a growing and troublesome body of evidence that contaminated milk may harbor a stealth bacterium that can withstand Pasteurization and infect humans with a germ that causes severe gastric problems such as Crohn’s disease and may increase the risk for brain disease.

As unsettling as these sounds, the most recently published study reveals that 2.8 percent of milk cartons in US grocery stores may harbor a mycobacterium called paratuberculosis which is known to cause a gastric disorder in animals called Johne’s disease, and is the likely cause of Crohn’s disease in humans. More alarming is a study that followed males living in Hawaii for 30 years. The men who drank more than 16 ounces of milk on a daily basis were more likely to develop Parkinson’s disease. Did the bacterium in milk invade the brain of these men which resulted in their tremor-like brain disorder?

At least one third of humanity, 2 billion out of 6 billion people on Earth, is already infected with a germ called mycobacterium tuberculosis that causes lung TB. But mycobacterium paratuberculosis (PARA-TB), which commonly infects cattle, can be transmitted to humans via meat or milk consumption. It’s possible millions if not billions more people are infected with PARA-TB. Furthermore, skin testing may not reveal whether there is active infection either.

Modern medicine employs antibiotics and vaccines against the family of TB and PARA-TB bacteria, but immunity tends to wear off after vaccination and there is a growing problem of antibiotic-resistant TB. Ignored are nutritional approaches to tubercular infection that may quell both TB and PARA-TB infection, but commonly go overlooked by physicians.

To learn more about the stealth bacterium that has infected billions of humans, and how you and your loved ones can escape from its grasp, go to the four-part series entitled “Unclean Food” at http://www.knowledgeofhealth.com    


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