CompAmerica Announces It Is Releasing Microsoft Windows Server 2003 64-Bit Edition for Its Dual and Quad XEON Server Line

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Hot on the heels of announcing that it was building and selling 64-Bit Windows XP compliant laptops, CompAmerica also announced today it will be shipping 64-Bit servers to augment them and for use with its desktops, providing a full 64-Bit backbone for the Office and Enterprise.

CompAmerica ( has announced it is fully 64-Bit Windows Server Ready and will be shipping Windows 2003 Server/64-Bit Edition (Server/64) along with its Dual XEON/64 Systems and Dual Core Pentium 4 Workstation/Servers as of June 1, 2005.

"The driver availability problem solved for our Server line; we are starting with our newest Dual XL-7525 and XL-8500 Quad servers so that our SMB and Enterprise Clients can purchase Desktops, Laptops and Servers all equipped with 64 Bit Windows XP and 64 Bit Windows 2003 Server (2005 Server)," stated John Davis, Jr., CompAmerica's Chief Operating Officer. "We are days away from completing the Video and Network adapters for our Laptops and Desktops, and will be able to start taking on "Entirely 64 Bit" Network Orders. Our internal project code named: '8 to the power of 2' is now rolling out the goods."

CompAmerica began working on means to distribute its products with 64-bit Windows technology over ten months earlier, says Davis.

"We had the jump, and we've held the high ground. With 64-Bit Windows, we now have a major performance and efficiency advantage over 32-bit solutions and Open Source. We have tested Microsoft's new enhanced Office technology with our 64-Bit solutions, and we have seen absolutely no comparison from any other technology for the Office anywhere else on the planet. It's absolutely amazing!

"Of particular interest is that the extension of the Office into Internetworks and Sharepoint Portals, as well as the enhancement of them with Multimedia, Audio/Video Conferencing, and overall Collaboration, on this new 64 Bit Server Backbone, is so remarkably stable and unbelievably fast, that we wonder why we didn't do this two years ago," he says. "We are extremely pleased to see Intel and AMD embracing the 64-Bit Memory/Data/System bus, and the x/86 Enhancements that make '64-Bit' a possibility now. The new Dual Core version of the Intel Pentium 4 with EM64T technology, and its counterpart, dual core AMD 64 Processor, are important new innovations that will make 64-Bit Windows 'Rock'!"

An article about Intel's e8500 chipset is available:

CompAmerica's XL-7525 Servers are based on Dual Xeon 2.8 to 3.2+GHz CPUs, with 2MB Cache, and up to 8GB DDRam-2. The server is said to outperform any other dual Xeon server in it's league.

Its XL-8500 products are based on Quad Xeon MP 2.82-3.66GHZ CPUs, with 4MB or 8MB Cache, and the e8500 Intel chipset. This server is said by CompAmerica to be "the paragon of 4 Way plus Hyprthreading Xeon Servers, an awesome piece of equipment, perfect for corporate, government and web applications."

Both Servers incorporate EM64T Technology from Intel, DDR2-400 ECC Memory, and offer a wide range of expandable Peripherals, SCSI/SATA and RAID Storage, and a wide variety of configuration, management controls, security enhancements and rack / pedestal mounts.

CompAmerica also expects to start offering Dual and Quad "Opteron/64" (AMD's 64 Bit Server CPU) solutions within "weeks at most, in fact if we had large orders for the Opteron, we'd be offering it first - but most orders are focusing on the Xeon/64bit models for now..."

Prices for the XL-7525 start at $1,800.

CompAmerica is a leader in building and provisioning advanced PCs, Laptops and Servers with what it says is considerably better price performance, tech support and security than the leading competitors. "We have built our PCs to last, our Servers to survive and our Laptops to win. No where else can anyone make the claim that right now: 100% of all of the products we'd sold in the last 3 years are up and running with not a single unit in the repair cycle or needing special technical support at this time anywhere. At CompAmerica we can. And this, even though our products are somewhat lower price!" stated the company president.

For more information, CompAmerica's website is, and its toll free number is 888-275-2771 (local: 908-931-1200).

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