Nethercomm Corporation Comments on Forbes Article where Broadband-in-Gas Stands out among Traditional Broadband Technologies by Delivering Connectivity of 100+Mbps

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Nethercomm Corporation Addresses Forbes Article "Seven Ways to get Traditional Broadband Services", which highlights Broadband-in-Gas, a Compelling Broadband Technology Enabling Â?Previously Unobtainable Levels of Connectivity of 100+MbpsÂ?

Broadband-in-Gas not only creates a new primary pathway for broadband delivery of content and services but it enables a level of connectivity unmatched today. Broadband-in-Gas makes use of the full wireless spectrum without interfering with FCC restrictions of transmission power providing virtually unlimited broadband delivery. Nethercomm’s proprietary broadband delivery system utilizes industry proven, widely available technology, protocols, and signal processing techniques to deliver its unique communications.

In the recent Forbes article, "Seven Ways to get Broadband", Author David M. Ewalt states, “Telecom providers believe that millions more Americans would use high-speed broadband Internet connections if only they could solve the so-called "last mile" problem”. He went on to say, “Cable and telephone companies can run all kinds of high-bandwidth wires to your neighborhood, but they're still constrained by old low-tech connections from their substation to your computer”. Read the entire Forbes article at:

The Forbes article goes on to point out Broadband-in-Gas and its compelling features: "Speed: Since it uses an ultra-wideband signal capable of carrying lots of data, the system can hypothetically provide twice as much bandwidth as a standard fiber-optic connection."

"Advantages: Gas pipes are insulated, so the system produces no interference. Plus, gas pipelines are already in place."

"Drawbacks: Untested and unproven in the real world. Won't work in areas where there aren't gas pipelines to homes". Forbes editor, David Ewalt continues, “It’s a cool technology if it actually works…”

"Nethercomm Corporation is a new company, and therefore is naturally in the process of developing and testing its technologies. Nethercomm has a high level of confidence that the implementation of Broadband-in-Gas is simply a technical formality", states Dr. Patrick Nunally, Chairman and CEO of Nethercomm. He goes on to say, "Broadband-in-Gas is a unique technology built out of well known and well understood principles used in military and commercial radar systems and wireless communications - There are no technical unknowns here - just an enormous amount of work to be done".

In the simplest terms, Broadband-in-Gas technology uses existing gas pipelines which are buried to a given depth and by keeping the signal inside grounded conduit, it creates an unlimited private spectrum, very low-noise within the operating environment, and zero conflict with external “above ground” transmissions.

In addition, Nethercomm’s core technology harnesses basic physics for super-efficient, wireless signal transmission from your local neighborhood hub into your home or business. Specifically, radar-type signals (UWB) are wirelessly transmitted through natural gas pipelines simultaneously with natural gas delivery using radios. The signals can carry any combination of Internet, video, television, HDTV, voice or other content without interfering with licensed and unlicensed spectrums. Broadband-in-Gas, using wireless transmission formats can be provided at a profoundly high power level while not generating significant heat to interfere in anyway with the natural gas delivery. Ultimately, the radar-type signal is received at the end-users location by means of a device (CPE) similar to set-top-box's used in homes today.

Given the fact that Nethercomm’s proprietary system and method uses industry acknowledged and accepted protocols and devices to provide a primary pathway of broadband distribution using gas pipelines to employ Broadband-in-Gas, not to mention the installation and consumer affordability comparisons of BiG to that of the traditional broadband providers, Nethercomm does present a compelling, undeniable ability to deliver this technology to all end-users far and wide.

As Forbes Author David Ewalt states, “Telecom companies have struggled for years to find a way to bridge that last mile and deliver high-speed data connections to homes and business in both rural and urban areas”. Nethercomm’s Bottom Line is this; Broadband-in-Gas has more than addressed the bottle-neck issue and has without a doubt completed the “last-mile” of communications.    

Nethercomm Corporation, the leading innovator and pioneer of subterranean broadband communications is developing the next generation of broadband delivery services through the existing Natural Gas Distribution infrastructure. Nethercomm is a private Delaware Corporation, based in Southern California, developing innovative and proprietary communication technologies for the fast-growing broadband and wireless markets.

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