MGS Design and MGS USA TRUE Stainless Steel Faucet Collections--Great Italian Designs and Materials That Stand the Test of Time.

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MGS USA, the American importer of MGS Progetti, the Italian-based manufacturer of stainless steel faucets for the kitchen and bath, introduces its newest collection for spring of 2005 at KBIS. Plumbing fixtures for the kitchen and bathroom, fabricated from stainless steel.

Working with stainless steel to create faucetry with seamless fittings and concealed fasteners is as much of an art form as it is an act of precise technology and mechanical ingenuity. Grovellona Toce near Lake Orta, located outside of Milano, Italy is a small town known for stainless steel craftsman and fabrication businesses. It is the location of MGS Progetti, also referred to as MGS Designs in North America. There are other recognized stainless steel products that are produced on Lake Orta, such as Alessi.

In 1997, MGS started producing high quality faucets for consumers with extreme attention to detail and design. After some time, they realized that it was necessary to make a fundamental change from chrome plated brass, which was traditionally used in the industry. The thought was to create faucets and fixtures from stainless steel, a noble metal that is unalterable, non-toxic, non-corrosive and high temperature resistant. Although making faucets out of stainless steel posed many problems during manufacturing, the company still persevered. In 2001, MGS began producing the UNICO faucet, which became recognized as the “Rolls Royce” of faucets in Europe.

The first stainless steel product designs proved to be complicated, but MGS was still determined to find another way to produce their faucets. While most other manufacturers only finish their products to look like stainless steel because of the complexity and cost of engineering and production, MGS continued with their commitment.

After four years of research, MGS discovered and developed a new application of Investment Casting Technology that was predominantly used for high tech parts in the aviation, aerospace and medical industries. Using the most progressive machines available, each part is seamless and smooth, without the use of screws. The result is a product that is one hundred percent stainless steel. After the mechanical fabrication, the final touch is given by expert polishers who hand finish each single part to an impeccable shine or soft luster of natural brushed stainless steel.

“MGS offers a truly unique product,” says Eric Goldman, National Sales Manager, MGS USA. “Each faucet that MGS develops takes time and precision, and is made with the finest stainless steel materials in the world. Many of our clients in the yachting industry use MGS products for their durability and non-corrosive materials.”

MGS’s 2005 collection consists of minimal designs for both kitchen and bathroom faucets. The kitchen line consists of three-hole and single hole varieties, while the bathroom line includes 2-valve and single control faucets. Each faucet can be wall or deck mounted, and is available in polished and matte finishes.

Kitchen Collection

The choice of professional chefs who insist on incorporating the durability and quality of commercial stainless steel fixtures found in the world’s finest kitchens. MGS introduces premium quality solid stainless steel faucets designed for residential kitchens and food-prep work islands.

The UNICO, RANDA K, VELA and T45 models offer a pull out spout with stainless steel flexible hose. The spout is equipped with an anti-lime aerator and a check-valve that prevents the back-flow of impure water. Also available for the kitchen, the BOMA, RANDA, RANDA KL and VELA L collections.

Bath Collection

MGS has developed a stylized collection of fixtures and accessories for the bath that are simple in design, sophisticated in style, and highly innovative in functionality. Another innovation is that MGS provides a stainless steel “rough-in” kit that allows the installer the ability prepare the shower or tub valve locations and connections in advance, and the set the fixtures once the final tile or stone surfaces are in place.

New Thermostatic Shower Column or Tub/Shower Combination

MGS’s newest shower valve is offered as an “exposed” and “in-wall” Thermostatic mixer. The valve incorporates a volume control that is operated independently of the temperature control. The shower set includes a matching shower head and arm that is also designed from stainless steel.

MGS is one of the only “true stainless steel” fixture manufactures offering products in North America. MGS USA is the exclusive importer of MGS fixtures for the bathroom, outdoors and kitchen. Products are available through a network of dealers located through out the United States and Canada. Visit or contact David Schlocker at DRS and Associates for additional information.


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