The French Reflection – Authentic European Craftsmanship Still Exists in a World Where Imitations and Inferior Products Are Marketed Aas “Quality”

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For consumers who want the very best, French Reflection remains the only choice. The French Reflection, considered to be the world’s finest cosmetic and shaving mirrors available, continues with their vision and passion for providing discerning consumers with authentic European crafted mirrors, of extreme quality and precision. French Reflection mirrors stay true to the Paris designer and originator in the 1930’s, whose determination was to provide a distortion-free, magnified mirror, flawless in nature.

To gaze into a French Reflection mirror is to greet yourself for the very first time. The reflection of perfect and exquisite clarity is an astounding introduction to the skin you’ve been in for a lifetime. The superb optical lens reflects the depth of an authentic silvered mirror, bringing out the radiance of youth and the magnificence of maturity.

Even from afar, the mirror establishes a tone of discerning luxury, echoing the look of 1930’s Paris. Glamorous, not glitzy. Subtle, not stark. In personal quarters, a French Reflection mirror is the ultimate luxury for make-up, shaving and coiffure care. In a powder room, it pampers your guests, as would an exclusive resort.

There are many manufacturers in the industry who have tried to copy the overall look of the French Reflection and introduce “knock-offs” with price points that are lower. “The saying, you get what you pay for, is never more apparent when you compare French Reflection to others on the market,” says Alice Myers, President and CEO of French Reflection. A user of a French Reflection mirror can immediately see the clarity and distortion-free image they receive compared to other mirrors.

A Clear Advantage

From Katmandu’s Shangri-La and London’s Hyde Park Corner to Rio’s Copacabana, French Reflection five-star mirrors reflect the world’s most exquisite settings. “Professional make-up artists tell us that French Reflection mirrors calm first-time stars and seasoned professionals alike,” says Alice Myers. “And women who use our mirrors at home and while traveling feel confident that their cosmetics are applied just right.”

Many choices for the perfect Private Salon

Not just for professional make-up artists and exclusive resorts, these mirrors are available to travel with you and to brighten your view at home. In addition to 3x’s magnification, most mirrors are also offered in 5x’s, 7x’s and even “optical” glass magnification lenses.

Grand Vanity - The ultimate example of the magnificence of French Reflection mirrors, with a 13 ½” diameter lens.

Round wall-mount - These mirrors, 9 ½” in diameter with 3x’s and 7x’s optical lens or 3x’s standard magnification, are available with a non-magnification mirror on the reverse side. Adjustable arms make this a functional choice for virtually any space, whether you opt for the single or triple mirror.

Tabletop mirrors - Add classic style to any décor with elegant bases designed for vanity table use. The weighted base, 15” tall, tilts for easy viewing. And the handy, stand-alone travel mirror easily converts from countertop to wall hanger for portable perfection.

Triple Vanity - In 1875, French Reflection reinvented mirror design with each of three mirrors adjusting for clear reflection from all angles. The side mirrors provide perfect profile views; the center mirror magnifies for flawless cosmetic application, fastidious shaving and never-a-bad-day hair care. Perfectly round, this mirror is a functional focal point.

SQ Series - These new mirrors are the perfect compliment to the modern bathroom or dressing room countertop. The SQ combines traditional French Reflection craftsmanship with a contemporary design. The series includes tabletop and wall mount models with 3x’s magnification, a 7” x 5 1/8” viewing area, and a brushed nickel or chrome finish.

The French Reflection Difference

For the ultimate in image quality and clarity, “optical” glass lens are the choice. Lens blanks of optical glass mirrors are made from the same material used to manufacturer fine camera and telescope lenses. The lens is precision-ground and hand lapped. The result is a distortion-free image of unparalleled sharpness.

The standard 3x’s and 5x’s lenses used by other manufactures and competitors are only 1.6 mm or 2 mm thin glass, while French Reflection uses 3 mm glass for their standard option mirrors and 10 mm to 12mm thick glass for the optical magnifying lenses, depending on diameter and magnification power.

In a bold break from tradition, French Reflection mirrors are lit from the bottom, eliminating shadow and eyestrain. To consistently capture the best angle of illumination, the light source is integrated into the optic lens, beveling the glass around the light to prevent refraction. The gentle warmth radiated by the light keeps the surface fog-free. The result is a masterpiece of the mirror-maker’s art, and has become the most recognized attribute to the French Reflection’s success.

Bases and mounting hardware are available in Chrome, Nickel, Gold, and Titanium, as well as custom finishes. Many tabletop models may be modified to accommodate custom bases provided by the client.

Since 1980, French Reflection has continued to provide consumers, designers, and the residential and hospitality industries with the finest quality make-up and shaving mirrors in the world. Located in Beverly Hills, CA, French Reflection inventories fully assembled products, parts and accessories. Products are sold through a network of boutique and bath dealers throughout North America. For more information on the entire collection, please visit or call (800) 421-4404.


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