If that Jerk at Work Would Simply Disappear ... Done! "Jihad the Jerk at Work" now Being Published by Dunkeld House, Shows you How

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Finally, a safe, reliable, proven method to quickly resolve many workplaces' worst nightmare: getting rid of a hard core, "cosmic" jerk, whether it's an idiot boss or a dysfunctional fellow employee. Fill-in-the-blank Internet complaint forms make the task a breeze, and the anonymous approach couped with a 30-day deadline for executive action makes the Jerk's departure a foregone conclusion for 65 million overjoyed workers & managers at all levels.

We can probably all agree that one of life's worst nightmares is having to put up with a terrible boss or an insufferable fellow employee at work ... oh, the misery. But now, a 30-year, battle-scarred MBA corporate veteran has published a method he claims will easily get rid of this common problem in 30 days or less.

Is it too good to be true? The procedure presented in "Jihad the Jerk at Work", now being published by Dunkeld House, seems fairly straightforward. The book directs you to free web site forms where one chooses & checks off "character faults" of the Jerk-in-Question, then fills in the blanks on a generic "complaint letter" to none other than the Jerk's boss (!), selects a recommended course of action (transfer, fire... but get him outta here, puuleeze!), and allows 30 days to do the deed -- otherwise, it automatically escalates to higher levels in the organization.

The printed out Complaint Forms are paper clipped to the book itself, and the whole package is anonymously sent to the Jerk's Boss. "Then, from a safe distance, observe the sparks fly, and watch the targeted Jerk disappear," says Fergusson. "You just don't have to spend a lot of time with this -- wham! bam! he's gone."

This hefty book, crammed with specific advice of actions to take & pitfalls to avoid, is creating quite a buzz in workplaces all over America. Could it really be that the ubiquitous arrogant workplace bully, the Chainsaw-Al type tyrant, and the unbearable sycophant will actually become relics of the past, doomed to rapid extinction ... logged on to the endangered species list? Wow, hold the presses.

Recent major medical studies have clearly proven the deadly linkage between jerk-induced workplace stress and a whole host of severe physical diseases, such as stoke, heart disease, and brain nerve damage. "This job is killing me," hyperbole no longer.

So how did this precise Jihad the Jerk at Work methodology evolve? "out of desperation, really, by trial and error... what works and what doesn't." Fergusson states.

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