Coastal Vacations Call Center Explained at New Website - They Take the Calls and Close the Sales

Share Article explains the Coastal Vacations call center including membership information and tips. Audio seminars on internet marketing and classified advertising, as well as an interview with the call center founder are all posted on the new website.

With the use of the Coastal Vacations call center, a 99% passive income business model is the preferred way to earn money with the record setting home based business, according to a new website that explains the call center. After experiencing phenomenal growth, the call center has increased staffing to accommodate new Coastal Vacations associates. Now that they are accepting new members, Internet marketer Dean Marino has strongly endorsed use of the call center for Coastal Vacations travel package marketing.

Visitors to will find an explanation of the call center business model, learn what the call center does, and who is a good candidate for membership. They can hear an interview with Clear Business Solutions founder Paul Langley. Also posted are two audio seminars conducted by the Coastal Vacations Board of Directors on Internet marketing and classified advertising. Coastal Vacations Director Dean Marino posts a daily call center update as well as his daily travel tips.

Coastal Vacations has offered the highest value product in a home based business for over ten years. Their Board of Directors has estimated the travel package value at over $15,000.

Here is how the 99% passive income call center model works. The call center membership fee is $1995. It includes a Coastal Vacations lifetime travel package, a one time set up fee to use the call center indefinitely, and several marketing tools. The travel package alone has been sold by resorts for $3000 to $3500 or more. There will be a monthly fee for call center membership in the future, but those who join during the current introductory period will not pay the additional fee under a grandfather clause.

Coastal Vacations call center associates market a simple toll free number and a unique ID number. The call center does the rest of the work. They take the calls. They do the presenting and explaining. They close the sales. They even collect the money and ship the vacation package. $1000 from each sale is sent to the associate each time the call center closes a sale.

As Marino explained "Everyone wants to earn more money, but many people are already working 60 to 80 hours a week. I talk to people every day who want a home based business, but can only devote one to three hours a week."

According to the website 9.9 out of 10 people who are presented the 99% passive income model and the traditional Coastal business will choose the new call center model.

There are no guaranteed sales or sign ups with the call center, but during a test period that started in February and ended May 14, they boast a 20% closing ratio. They are closing 38% of all callers on their high days.

The call center has allowed people with limited time or skills to earn thousands per week with the Coastal Vacations business. The travel packages have been sold for years using a simple system of returning phone calls from prospects, leading them to the information, and collecting the money. Now the call center further simplifies the business for those who do not want to, or have time to contact prospects.

For more information about the 99% passive income model with Coastal Vacations call Dean Marino at (310) 721-7299 or visit .

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