The Only Practical, Proven Way to Guarantee That Every Child and Adult Can Learn to Read English

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Recent studies have conclusively proven that 47% of U.S. adults (more than 92 million) cannot read and write well enough to hold an above-poverty-level-wage job, and 45% of U.S. adults never read a book, magazine, or newspaper! Bob C. Cleckler of Literacy Research Associates, Inc. has studied why illiteracy is much worse than people realize and other aspects of illiteracy for 18 years. After analyzing the recommendations of dozens of scholars over the last 249 years, he has developed a proven, never-before-tried method of ending English illiteracy and carefully documented the proof of both the problem and the solution. If enough people learn the facts of the solution and take action, our literacy crisis will end.

The title of the revolutionary new book, Let’s End Our Literacy Crisis, tells it all. If enough people read and apply what they learn in this book, we will end our literacy crisis! Your first question is likely to be, “Do we really have a U.S. literacy crisis?” This question is convincingly answered by Based upon the most statistically accurate and extensive study ever commissioned by the U.S. government (the internet address of this study is in, 92 million U.S. adults (47% of them) cannot read and write well enough to hold an above-poverty-level-wage job! An average of about 33% of the employees in U.S. businesses are functionally illiterate. The book also explains

  • why most of us do not realize how extensive functional illiteracy is.
  • how serious the financial, emotional, and physical problems that illiterates must endure really are.
  • how illiteracy is costing each U.S. adult who can read at least $3700 each year for government programs that illiterates use, for higher consumer prices because of recruiting and training costs for—and the mistakes and inabilities of—illiterate workers, and for juvenile delinquency and crime related to illiteracy.
  • most importantly, it details a proven method of completely and permanently ending most English illiteracy. English is spoken by more people worldwide than any other language. This method has been proven in over 300 languages but never tried in English. It will not only end illiteracy for 92 million or more Americans but also for hundreds of millions of English-speaking people around the world who cannot read English.

How will YOU benefit by ending our literacy crisis? If you

  • are concerned that a friend or relative is or may become functionally illiterate.
  • object to paying at least $3700 each year as a result of illiteracy (since it can easily be ended).
  • have financial interest in a business (1) being hurt financially by functionally illiterate workers, (2) which prepares or sells written material, or (3) being hurt by competion with foreign companies.
  • feel compassion for 92 million U.S. and hundreds of millions of other English functional illiterates.

Bob C. Cleckler used engineering, educational, and linguistic logic to develop his breakthrough method. Cleckler is prepared to discuss his findings on radio or television or in print. His book, Let’s End Our Literacy Crisis, is to be published July 4, 2005 for $24.95. Use a review copy to see for yourself. This will require an honest reading of the entire book—merely scanning may produce wrong conclusions.

Contact: Bob C. Cleckler,

877-473-2328 or 801-313-0610

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