New Research Reveals: Anti-Oxidants Key to Anti-Aging

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Anti-Oxidants believed to be critical for youthful vigor. Can you start to reverse your aging today?

We all seek the fountain of youth, but the fountains location has proven elusive. New research reveals it resides within your own body. The good news? Some believe you can drink from it right now.

Cynthia Kenyon - Herbert Boyer Distinguished Professor of Biochemistry and Biophysics at the University of California, San Francisco has discovered that certain genes in the body appear capable of drastically slowing the aging process and avoiding the accompanying physical decrepitude.

In an article recently posted in the San Francisco Chronicle (5/29 issue, David Duncan, Author), Dr. Kenyon is quoted as saying- "Some of the (longevity) genes function as antioxidants -- they stop the damage done to worm cells by free radicals."

The article goes on to say- "Free radicals are chemical by-products of cell metabolism, mostly created by the burning of oxygen, that wreak havoc on a cell's mitochondria, DNA, proteins and enzymes" Furthermore, "The daf-2 (gene) in worms and similar genes in humans seem to be involved in repressing the synthesis of free-radical scavenging enzymes"

The question is: How can you activate the fountain of youth in your own cells? Is it even possible?

The answer: You bet!

Detective work by GeroNova Research and Advanced Orthomolecular Research (AOR), world leaders in formulating anti-aging supplements, has turned up a number of substances with science backed free-radical scavenging ability, and strong antioxidant activity in the human body.

Because of its ability to reverse cell damage, support DNA repair and provide mitochondrial protection, many people believe R-Lipoic Acid is the supplement with greatest promise. A Vitamin E Complex (there are eight forms) is another very effective antioxidant.

However, there are several approaches to taking advantage of these wonder substances.

GeroNova has developed several trademarked R-Lipoic acid formulations, all firmly based upon a proprietary Bio-Enhanced® platform. Their philosophy centers on optimizing blood plasma levels of R-Lipoic. Their Mito-GOLD® and RALA-Gel® formulas offer the added convenience and protection of a "time-release" effect, courtesy of a uniquely designed MCT transport into your bloodstream. Their Mito-GOLD® formulation adds R-Dihydrolipoic Acid, D-Biotin and Delta-Tocotrienol in combination with R-Lipoic Acid to provide a synergistically “supercharged” antioxidant effect.

AOR offers their R(+)-Lipoic Acid as a stand alone product, or, in a "Network Synergy" formula incorporating R+ along with Vitamin E Complex, and adds supporting anti oxidants - CoQ10, Vitamin C, NAC, Selenium and Trans-Resveratrol (found in grapes). According to the latest research this is a powerhouse combination, supported by effective dosages.

AOR points out that "For the Antioxidant network to work optimally, it's critical to ensure that your lipoic acid supplement is in the form of R (+)-lipoic acid. Supplements labeled “alpha-lipoic acid” or simply “lipoic acid” contain up to 50% S (-)-lipoic acid, an unnatural molecule..." and "As a result, the S (-)-lipoic acid in conventional “lipoic acid” supplement actually interferes with the recycling activity of the Networking antioxidants."

The research is compelling. The path to the fountain is now illuminated by science. It is your choice to help your body quench the free-radicals, and support anti-aging at the cellular level. Imagine looking younger, feeling that spark and vitality of years ago, and living longer. Oh yeah, don't expect these pharmaceutical grade products to be found at the corner store or discount vitamin website. These formulations are light years ahead of any other product in terms of formulation and efficacy.

Relentless Improvement, specializing in anti-aging and cognitive enhancing substances, is the only supplement supplier in the world to offer such effective products under one roof. Relentless Improvement is located in the geographical hotspot for anti-aging research, Northern California, and is dedicated to making cutting edge, pharmaceutical grade supplements available to the general public.


Pete Hitesman - Owner

Relentless Improvement


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