ParetoLogic Designs Seven Layers of Defense to Combat Spyware

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As part of its ongoing efforts to address current and emerging security threats to computer users, ParetoLogic Inc. announced today a new Multi-Layered approach itÂ?s taking to provide added protection for users against Spyware and malicious software.

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As part of its ongoing efforts to address current and emerging security threats to computer users, ParetoLogic Inc. announced today a new Multi-Layered approach it’s taking to provide added protection for users against Spyware and malicious software.

Spyware is a growing type of detrimental software that takes up residence on a computer, usually uninvited, that can report on activities, preferences of a user, or disclose information about data stored on a computer. Combined with Malware, which is programs or applications that are developed for the purpose of doing harm, Spyware can crash or slow the performance of a PC, gather and share information about a person or organization without their knowledge and possibly leave you a victim of “identity theft”.

In its upcoming launch of XoftSpy, ParetoLogic Inc will be introducing 7 new layers of defense to ensure that XoftSpy customers are protected before Spyware ever has a chance to attack.

XoftSpy 7 Layers of Defense:

1. Dedicated Threat Research and Testing Team

2. Real-Time “TrulyBlocking” Module

3. “Zheng” Technology

4. Blocklist Webshield Protection

5. “XoftAlert” Community

6. Educational Strategy: ParetoLogic Educational Blog and Partners Strategy

7. Anti-Spam Solution which includes anti-phishing and virus outbreak control

ParetoLogic has developed a dedicated Threat Research and Testing Team to address new arising threats. In an upcoming XoftSpy release, ParetoLogic will unveil its new Real-Time “TrulyBlocking” module.

Its new Spider technology, dubbed “Zheng”, named after the famous Chinese Mariner, is a crucial and vital advance in the battle against locating and identifying Spyware, Adware and other types of potentially unwanted software all-inclusively and faster than any other current research method.

The new system uncovers Spyware deeply embedded on websites before users can unwittingly infect their computers. “We have bots that roam the web looking for sites that contain malignant ActiveX Components, Hijackers, and other maliciously embedded items." Because the process is highly automated, most antidotes to infection can be developed within 24 hours of finding the new Spyware or Malware. New definition updates are developed by the ParetoLogic Threat Research and Testing Team and distributed to XoftSpy customers,” states Adrian Pereira, CTO of ParetoLogic. “Our system is designed to actively pursue potential security threats. It is similar to having hundreds of people searching the web for Malware."

ParetoLogic’s Blocklist Webshield Protection is a first in the industry. ParetoLogic’s Threat Research and Testing Team have developed a Blocklist (which is updated on an ongoing basis). ParetoLogic’s Threat Research and Testing Team are constantly compiling data for its Blocklist.

ParetoLogic will be launching its new Educational Blog at the end of the month. It is designed to educate users on best practices of protecting themselves from Spyware and security threats that prevent them from using their personal computers. “Educating users is number one on our priority list,” states Elton Pereira, President of ParetoLogic Inc. “Our goal is to increase awareness amongst the internet community about these malicious threats and provide users with a simple yet effective solution to deal with it.

ParetoLogic’s XoftSpy Community allows users to report new threats through our XoftAlert System. It is complemented by a back-end arsenal of first response tools that identify and categorize potential threats automatically. Efficient testing and implementation complete the process.

“Our multi-dimensional approach is taking us from being reactive to proactive,” said Don Wharton CEO of ParetoLogic. “All XoftSpy users can be assured that ParetoLogic will always be two steps ahead in protecting your privacy and ensuring the security of your online experience.”

For more information about ParetoLogic and its efforts to address computer security and to provide customers with guidance about Spyware and information about their latest Anti-Spyware download solution, XoftSpy, please go to

ParetoLogic Inc. offers leading edge integrated application solutions to give you peace of mind that your computer is secure and your privacy is protected. We will protect you from unwanted Spyware, Adware, Malware, Keyloggers, Unwanted Toolbars, Browser Hijacking, Spyware Pop-ups and more! We specialize in privacy and security software. Our applications are designed to search and eliminate all known computer parasites that bog down the speed and capabilities of your PC. Anyone who uses the Internet or downloads music and other files is vulnerable to Spyware. Spyware allows advertisers to record your surfing habits and the sites you visit, bombard you with unwanted promotional material and share your personal information with their partners. Any personal information, in the wrong hands, can leave you a victim of “identity theft” by stealing your credit card details, birth records, and other confidential information.

ParetoLogic is headquartered in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. For more information please call 1-250-415-9005 or visit

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