Investor Group Selects to Assist them in Finding Good Operating Banks Worldwide

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Private Investor Group wants to currently invest major US dollars in 26 African countries mainly for Humanitarian and Economic Development Projects via banks they invest in.

Business Consulting Services, Inc. is proud to announce that their company has been selected to assist a major Group with their investing needs. This Private Investor Group (PIG) wants to invest major US dollars in good operating banks worldwide (mainly Africa, Asia and Latin America). PIG is currently focused in getting involved with banks in 26 African countries. Their intention is to invest in these countries mainly for Humanitarian and Economic Development Projects via banks they invest in with the approval of their respective countries' Central Banks.

Milton Lopez, C.E.O. and founder of BCS said, “We will assist PIG in identifying banks with the requisite skills, the right attitude of community and social responsibility and the desire to help lead in the building of the economy of their country, thereby assisting many of Africa’s people to a much better life and by responsibly assisting their Government in the endeavor of good economic management.”

PIG has established a concept for the Economic and Social development of Third World countries. Therefore, PIG’s concept seeks to provide opportunity for development, not as imposed development, but development that is responsive to the needs of the communities it seeks to assist, and development that respects the rights and wishes of the people and the communities it is intended to serve. It is an imperative for all PIG projects that the planned development must allow communities to grow and develop as they wish to develop. Development undertaken by the PIG must therefore satisfy the needs and good desires of the people.

The driving imperative for the concept is therefore that the provision of economic opportunity must be determined within the social values of the recipient society and any other society where PIG engages in project activities. This means that PIG will not dispense charity, nor will its activities allow the communities and their leaders to abrogate their responsibilities to present and future generations. By providing the necessary support as a catalyst for self-help and self-determination, PIG wishes to encourage the communities to compete and strive for the life they wish to have.

PIG will fund projects through the Banks it acquires in part or in whole and which will be under the direct supervision of their Board of Directors, who will work with international consulting companies, but the Banks will take management control of the funds. This way, the use of the funds can be audited and the results obtained by the consulting company can be and will be audited. Accordingly, PIG/Banks will be able to achieve exceptional results that really benefit the beneficiary country.

Banks (country partners) that get involved with PIG will also act as a catalyst between their Government and PIG in arranging funding from PIG for major Government infrastructure projects. This will be done in such a manner that the Government shall be able to acquire infrastructures without acquiring debt obligations. PIG funding for Government projects shall be from funds not contributed to the Bank, but directly from PIG and delivered through the Bank who shall be the resident manager of the settlements and payments for and on behalf of PIG.

“We look forward to hearing from qualified African banks that want to establish a long term partnership with PIG; good things could happen for the benefit of the people in Africa.” added Mr. Lopez.

Business Consulting Services, Inc. is an international finance consulting services firm with over 25 years experience working with finance related projects. Their main objective is to provide private lenders/investors for medium/large size businesses & governments worldwide which are in need of raising capital for their Humanitarian and Economic Development Projects. For more information about BCS please visit their web site,

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