Teen Empowerment Company "Enlightened Youth" Rewards High School Freshmen Bethany Tomerlin with $500 Towards Her Dreams

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Enlightened Youth is changing the way the self-development industry works with high schools. This three-man company is doing away with 40-year-old speakers who charge thousands of dollars and leave the schools with nothing but a one-hour presentation.

Last week Enlightened Youth rewarded Serrano High School freshmen Bethany Tomerlin with $500 towards her dream. This is part of Enlightened Youth’s Dream Scholarship.

At the end of all of Enlightened Youth’s high school speaking engagements they offer everyone in the audience the opportunity to win $500 toward their dreams. In order to win, each student must submit a written copy of their dreams to Enlightened Youth on their Website.

Bethany Tomerlin won the $500 Dream Scholarship because of her inspiring submission. The following is a part of her submission:

“My dream is to be able to use my past experiences to ease the suffering of others. My dream is that for some little girl with cerebral palsy, that her experience is not as painful as mine has been. My dream is that one day thanks to my diligent efforts a little girl will not have to wear stretching casts and her mother will not have to listen to her little girl scream 'Mommy I love you, why would you do this to me?' all the way up the pass. My Dream is that one day there will be a more effective test than sticking a little girl with dozens of needles to test for a rare disease. My dream is that thanks to my vision a little girl will not be made a social outcast due to the leg braces she must wear. My Dream is that due to the fact that every single day, I poured my heart and soul into my job, someone’s life is better than it would have been if I had not been on this planet.”

In addition to rewarding Bethany Tomerlin with $500, Enlightened Youth did something for each student who submitted their dreams – whether they won or not. Enlightened Youth put together a conference call with NFL draft-pick Damien Ward for one student whose dream is to be a professional football player. Enlightened Youth also set-up several internships around the high desert including one for Kurt Bernardin at the Animal Hospital at the Narrows in Apple Valley, CA.

Enlightened Youth, LLC is based out of Victorville, CA and was founded last year by three incredibly young and ambitious entrepreneurs -- Erik Sandoval, 18, Daniel Scrivner, 18, and Kevin Neuburger, 23. The company’s goal is to change the personal development industry forever. And their mission is to “empower the next generation around the world.” They work to do this through speaking engagements, like the one they did at Serrano on May 17th, and a web-based coaching and mentorship site that will be launched this August.

Daniel Scrivner, co-founder of Enlightened Youth, states, “Most public speakers who speak at high schools like Serrano routinely charge anywhere between $2,000 and $5,000 for a one-hour presentation. We think that’s outrageous for what the high schools get!”

Every high school that Enlightened Youth speaks at gets over $500 worth of self-development books donated to their library, $500 awarded to one of their students through Enlightened Youth's Dream Scholarship, and on top of that Enlightened Youth will work with their Business Department and A.S.B. free of charge for one-hour each.

Kevin Neuburger, co-founder of Enlightened Youth, says, “Best of all, Enlightened Youth only charges the high schools what it costs them to put on the presentation. What’s more, we are working over the next few months to get corporate sponsors for our events so that we may offer our services free of charge to the high schools.”

So, what does Enlightened Youth speak about?

Enlightened Youth co-founder Erik Sandoval answers the question, “Enlightened Youth speaks to high schools across Southern California about ‘Setting the Foundation for Success’ – and what steps students need to be taking now to maximize their success in the future and realize the life of their dreams.”

Erik continues, “We also teach business departments and associations about Enlightened Business Principles. And, we speak to A.S.B. and Key Club organizations about leadership.”

For more information on Enlightened Youth, visit their temporary website http://www.enlightenedyouth.us. Once there, sign-up for their newsletter to stay informed about their official website launch this August.

To have them speak to your school, church group or organization e-mail them at speaking@enlightenedyouth.us, or call 1.760.486.9415 to speak with Daniel Scrivner directly.


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