Canadian Broadcaster Exposes $100,000 Cash Reward for Return of Loch Ness Monster Tooth a Publicity Stunt And Hoax

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Veteran Canadian broadcaster, publisher, journalist and paranormal researcher Rob McConnell exposes a publicity stunt and hoax about a $100,000 cash reward being offered for the return of the Loch Ness Monster Tooth.

Rob McConnell, host and executive producer of the internationally syndicated late night talk show The ‘X’ Zone Radio Show (broadcast Live Monday – Friday from 10 pm – 2 am Eastern and on Saturday from 1 pm – 3 pm Eastern on the TalkStar Radio Network – has once again exposed yet another hoax being committed in the world of the paranormal and the science of parapsychology.

On Tuesday, May 31, Bill McDonald a self proclaimed paranormal researcher was a guest on The ‘X’ Zone Radio Show and he claimed that two American college students who were spending part of their 2005 March Break in Scotland had hired a local guide and his boat to take them on a tour of the famed Loch Ness so they could take photos of the shore from the Loch.

It was during the photo tour that the boys saw a half eaten carcass of a deer on the shore. Imbedded in the ribs of the carcass was what McDonald claims to be a tooth of the Loch Ness monster.

According to McDonald, shortly after the boy had taken the tooth from the carcass, the tooth was confiscated by a Scottish game warden, who, they had accidentally flagged down in their excitement after making the Loch Ness Monster tooth discovery.

McDonald claims that he was hired by the two boys after they did an internet search looking for someone to help then get the tooth back.

During the show, Rob McConnell began to become very suspicious of the story that McDonald was telling, and throughout the 2 hour period that McDonald was on, McConnell started his own investigation into the actual identity of the so-called tooth.

The results of McConnell’s investigation are totally opposite to those made by McDonald.

According to a number of experts in Canada and the United Kingdom, McDonald’s tooth is nothing more than an antler from a roe muntjac deer.

It is not a tooth from the famed Loch Ness monster or a new species that McDonald was claiming it to be.

Throughout McConnells interview with McDonald, which can be heard at, McDonald was very evasive to McConnells’ direct and tactful questions.

• McDonald refused to identify the two young men who allegedly found what they believed to be a tooth in the rib cage of a deer carcass that was found on the shores of Loch Ness. McDonald claims that the two young men are going to be entering a very prestigious law school and their families, who are very well to do, do not want their experience to haunt them, possibly affecting their law careers.

• McDonald would not identify the guide who took the two boys on their Loch Ness boating tour.

• According to McDonald there was no police report filed about the “illegal” confiscation of the alleged tooth by an “unidentified” game warden – or civilian impersonating a game warden. The “game warden” according to the boys produced a badge.

• The only person to interview the two unidentified boys was McDonald. There was no other interview conducted by any other investigator, nor were their statements collaborated by polygraph or psychological stress evaluation examination to attest to the validity of their statements.

• During the show, McConnell asked McDonald if he was getting paid by the families of the boys. McDonald said that they paid for some of his long distance calls and part of the website dedicated to the tooth. Yet, in the Press Release sent to The ‘X’ Zone by McDonald on May 14, 2005, McDonald states, “Says McDonald, who was hired by the students to help secure the return of the tooth, “the three were so excited they waved over a passing boat, which happened to be the water bailiff, a sort of park ranger or game warden.”

• Why would two young Americans on their March Break be interested in photographing a half eaten carcass that was on the shore of a lake?

The evidence speaks for itself. Follow the money trail.

The $100,000 reward money that was posted for the return of the tooth came on the heels of a May 5th national interview on a radio show with best-selling author Steve Alten, whose novel, “The LOCH” was just released. McDonald's December expedition to Loch Ness was financed by the book's publisher in exchange for exclusive rights to the investigator's research, which Alten has woven into The LOCH's storyline. Coincidence? That’s what McDonald claims it to be but according to McConnell, “that’s as much crap as the rest of the Loch Ness Tooth story.”

Says McConnell, “My apologies to all those who truly believed that a tooth of the ever elusive Nessie… the Monster of the Loch Ness…. The mythical and mystical creature of the Loch had really been found. Sightings of Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, the Sandman, Tooth Fairy or tales of a cow jumping over the Moon carry more weight than Bill McDonalds self centered attempt to try and sell his fictional tale of ‘The Tooth That Got Away.’”

There is no proof whatsoever to substantiate any of the claims made by McDonald.

Rob McConnell’s May 31st interview with Bill McDonald can be heard at .

Photos of what McDonald claims to be the tooth of the Loch Ness Monster, McDonald’s Press Release of May 14, 2005 and the findings of The ‘X’ Zone investigation can be found at

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